News – US – Gov Pritzker signs controversial law reforming the judiciary


CHICAGO, Ill (KFVS) – Governor JB Pritzker signed on Monday the 22nd February, at 12Midnight at Chicago State University passed Act HB 3653, a Criminal Justice and Police Reform Act

Governor Pritzker signs HB 3653, a law aimed at reforming the criminal justice system and the police force, involving lawmakers, law enforcement officers and community lawyers

Legislation will make sweeping changes to the state’s criminal justice system, including ending bail, which would allow defendants to be released without bail at the discretion of a judge while awaiting trial

“This bill is a dangerous proposal that makes it easier for perpetrators to commit violent crimes, removes cash bail and threatens the safety of our citizens,” Sen said Fowler in a published statement

“I do not support the steps our governor took today to pass a law that would make it difficult for police officers to do their jobs. I support my local law enforcement officers and authorities who have spoken out loudly against this legislation.” / p>

“House Bill 3653 was rammed by the General Assembly in a closed process that kept Republican lawmakers, law enforcement officers, and members of the public out of discussion. We cannot pass meaningful reforms if the process is one-sided

“Now that we’ve had time to work through the nearly 800-page bill, we know that it is making profound changes to our state’s criminal justice system, putting our communities at risk by removing bail and placing an unfunded financial burden Burden on our local police forces

“We’ve had a real opportunity to work together to pass substantial reforms to ensure a safer Illinois. We can do so much more for our state if we work together. It’s disappointing and frustrating”

The coalition believes HB 3653 will tie the hands of police officers as they work to track down suspects and make arrests

“When this law was signed, Governor Pritzker preferred to hear a few tough political voices than 120000 petition signatories who have clearly seen the law for what it is. This new law is an obvious move to punish an entire honorable profession that hurts law-abiding citizens the most, as we are sworn to protect and give the public them We sincerely hope that we will not be proven correct about this new law, that police officers do not leave the profession in droves and handcuff those who remain so that they cannot stop crimes against people and property, please let’s not measure its bleak failure by the shattered lives it produces. We urge all citizens to remember who supported this law and to take this into account the next time they go to the Illinois police station Seeking protection that they can no longer offer ”

Former Illinois State Senator Paul Schimpf, a candidate for Republican governor, also made a statement on Monday

“In signing Act HB 3653 today, JB Pritzker has failed the people of Illinois politically as well as leadership. HB 3653 is vehemently opposed by nearly all law enforcement officers in Illinois and makes communities and families in Illinois less safe and even more worrying was that the passing of the bill during a nightly vote on the Lame Duck session had no meaningful scrutiny and review. As governor, I will veto any law that does not meet the minimum level of transparency ”

Elgie Sims, a Democratic Senator from southern Chicago, is one of 60 Senators who voted for the bill

“I believe this is the first step in reshaping the Illinois criminal justice system to elevate our communities and support our law enforcement officers,” said Sims

The Reform Act also stipulates that all police officers must use body cameras, complete additional training, prohibit chokeholds, keep records of police misconduct and appoint special prosecutors in the event of deaths of officers

Legislation was developed last summer after months of police protests across the state and nation

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News – US – Gov Pritzker signs controversial law reforming the judiciary
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