News – US – Guilty Gear Strives last starting character is I-No, and her redesign rocks


Guilty Gear Strive will have 15 characters in its playable roster at launch – and the final fighter has just been announced.I-No, the guitar-wielding rock goddess from past games, returns with a new design in Strive She Sees fantastic in their reveal trailer that we embedded above

I-No joins veterans Sol, Ky, Axl, Potemkin, Millia, Zato-1, Chipp, May, Faust, Ramlethal, Leo and Anji The newcomers Nagoryuki and Giovanna round off at 15 as expected the roster expanded over time with the addition of DLC characters, but nothing has been said as of who might make the cut

The Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta is still active for a few days, but if you haven’t downloaded it, you’re out of luck Released April for PS5 and PS4

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News – USA – Guilty Gear Strives last starting character is I-No and her redesign rocks