News – US – How Draymond Green’s death fuels Steph Curry’s insane numbers with Warriors


After Draymond Green found him for a layup in the Mavericks’ Warriors router last Thursday, Stephen Curry turned to Green and put his hands over his eyes to mimick binoculars

This was Curry’s way of praising Green for a pass that was a lot harder than it looked. With two defenders covering Curry in the key, Green had managed to pick up his dribble and make a quick pass with just his right hand to thread curry in exactly the right place

Curry has been at the end of Green’s brilliant pass for nearly a decade, but never has the synergy between the two been more important than this season with Klay Thompson sidelined for the second year in a row because of an injury, the Warriors need an MVP production of Curry to reach the playoffs at all And no one knows how to maximize Curry’s size better than Green

He ranks eighth in the NBA8 assists per game at 7, more than a third of which went to Curry. The 59 assists Green Curry has given are the most between two players in the league this season / p>

“I’m more excited about support than points,” said Green. “I’ve always been like that. If I nail a guy on a screen and Steph hits a 3, I probably feel better than him when it comes to it.” to make the 3 ”

Green has been particularly lucky this season as more than half of his assists for Curry have been set to 3-point points Only Sacramentos is De’Aaron Fox, who has appeared on 32 of Buddy Hield’s 94 3-pointers as responsible as Green in finding a single teammate beyond the arc

With Green hitting him on a mix of low-angle bounce passes, high-arcing passes on the weakside, and quick swing passes in the corner, Curry has his best offensive numbers since his unanimous MVP campaign in years 2015-16 Released No player 32 or older in NBA history except Michael Jordan has scored as many points as Curry in a team’s first 25 games

He’s averaging 296 points on 487% shooting (429% from the 3-point range), while finishing seventh in the league with a free throw percentage of 929 In addition to making 52Curry has in the last seven Play scored 4% (43 for 82) of his 3-point points and scored at least four 3-point hits in each of his last 12 games, which corresponds to the best career of his career on February 10 until 10 March 2019

Green is a master at realizing Curry’s potential because he’s as good as anyone in NBA history at foreseeing – not just what Curry is up to, but how the defense will respond by the sheer feeling Green process everything he sees and give Curry a clean look within fractions of a second

This is exactly what Green did to find Curry for this layup against the Mavericks. If Green had fired the pass a moment sooner or later, it would have been picked up by one of the two defenders lurking next to Curry

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, 30, celebrates with a dance move after sinking a three-point basket from near halfway when Draymond Green, 23, cheers him on in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas, Saturday, February 6, 2021 (AP Photo / Tony Gutierrez)

“I feel like he always has two games ahead of him,” said striker Eric Paschall of Green. “He’s thinking about how to use Steph’s gravity and how to shoot other people’s shots – while making sure that Steph still gets his touch ”

Green’s ability to handle the ball has allowed Curry to use off-ball movements to create more efficient scoring opportunities for her teammates.A prime example is striker Andrew Wiggins, who after years of wide-open criticism of his questionable shot selection benefits when he achieves career highs in shooting percentage (46) 4) and 3-point percentage (373)

Instead of forcing shots, Green has focused on his best offensive skills and taken his pass to a new level, According to Second Spectrum, his 156 potential assists per 36 minutes are the most among any striker

A recent move to the middle did little harm to Green’s death.While he’s occupied that position in the past four games, he’s averaged 128 assists, which included a stretch in which Green became the first starting center in NBA history Recorded at least 15 assists in consecutive games

It has been so effective as a point center that even with 7-foot-1 James Wiseman returning, Green is expected to find minutes on site in the coming days, all to ensure that Green – and the Warriors – curry on the Bringing Right Places To Be Successful

“Our offense is based on the fact that we have overtaken great men over the years, be it Draymond or Andrew Bogut, David West, David Lee,” said head coach Steve Kerr, “when you have that combination of a tall passerby and a security guard that is threatened by the ball, the entire floor opens ”

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News – USA – As Draymond Green comes around, Steph Currys drives crazy numbers with Warriors