News – US Mariners President Kevin Mather apologizes for comments


Seattle Mariners CEO and Team President Kevin Mather apologized for comments he recently made at an online event where he shared opinions on organizational strategy and staffing about Relocations and Club Finances / p>

Mather’s comments came in a speech at the Bellevue, Washington, Breakfast Rotary Club 5 in February and were posted online over the weekend

“I would like to apologize to every member of the Seattle Mariners organization, especially our players and our fans. There is no apology for my behavior and I take full responsibility for my terrible loss of judgment,” Mather said in a statement on Sunday ” My comments were my own. They do not reflect the views and strategies of the Mariners baseball leadership who are responsible for making decisions about the development and status of players at all levels of the organization ”

Mather went on to say he had been on the phone for most of Sunday and apologized after the video was posted on YouTube and was quickly brought up on social media

“I am determined to make amends for the things I said that were personally hurtful, and I will do everything I can to repair the damage I have done to the Seattle Mariners organization,” said Mather

“The club’s video presentation is an extremely disturbing, but extremely important window into how players are really seen by management, not just because of what has been said, but also because it is an unfiltered look into club thinking” The statement said, “It’s insulting and unsurprisingly that fans and others in the game are insulted as well. The players remain determined to face these issues at the negotiating table and elsewhere”

The video posted by the Rotary group was 46 minutes long and touched upon areas of the Mariners’ organizational situation for the 2021 season – many of which in the Seattle Front Office would prefer not to be published

Mather approached the team’s payroll and watched the bottom line financial result, saying he believes the best prospects Jarred Kelenic and Logan Gilbert are unlikely to start the season with the team to manipulate their major league service and them to keep the club under control longer

Mather said the club tried to sign Kelenic for a long-term contract and its efforts have been turned down

“Jarred Kelenic, we’ve been talking about him for a year and a half now He’ll be on left field in April, “Mather said.” He’s a 21-year-old player who is pretty confident we’ve offered him a long-term contract – a six-year deal for sizeable money with options to go further after spending a few days thought about it and talked to the union, he rejected us and in his words he will bet on himself he believes that after six years he will be such a star player that the options for the seventh, eighth and ninth years will be undervalued He might be right. We offered and he declined ”

“Julio Rodriguez has a personality that’s bigger than all of you put together,” Mather said. “He’s loud. His English isn’t great Everyone says he’ll be here in 2021 He won’t be here until 2022 or 2023. A fantastic kid ”

Mather said longtime third baseman Kyle Seager is a future Mariners Hall of Famer but is also “overpaid” Seager is in his final year of his deal with the Mariners and becomes Seattle’s highest paid player at $ 18 million His contract includes a club option for 2022

And Mather made derogatory comments about former pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma, who recently rejoined the team as a specialty coach

“Wonderful person – his English was terrible. He wanted to come back into the game, he came to us, we honestly want him as our Asian scout / interpreter, what’s wrong with the Japanese league He’s coming to spring training,” said Mather “And I’ll say I’m tired of paying his interpreter. When he was a gamer, we paid Iwakuma” X “but we also had to pay 75Paying $ 000 a year to have an interpreter with him. His English suddenly got better. His English got better when we told him ”

Mather has been with the Mariners since 1996. He was promoted to CEO and Team President in 2017

Mather was also accused of harassment by two former female employees The allegations were revealed in a 2018 Seattle Times report The team said it had “made amends” to the employees who filed harassment claims against Mather

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News – USA – Mariners President Kevin Mather apologizes for comments