News – US Nets win sixth in a row after controversial call wiped out Kawhi Leonard in the final seconds


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The Brooklyn Nets are on fire and advance to first place in the Eastern Conference They escaped with a 112-108 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday evening to expand their winning streak to six games and claim the top spot in half a game to move in the east

With Kevin Durant still out with a hamstring injury, James Harden and Kyrie Irving led the way with a total of 65 points on 15 rebounds and 15 assists.Their strong game had the nets under control in the fourth quarter and up to 15 seemed at the start of the frame they to be well on their way to another comfortable win

Only the Clippers had other ideas Paul George made a late climb and had 11 seconds left to tie the ball or take the lead There we will pick up on things because things were getting quite controversial at this point / p>

The Clippers took the ball out of play in the forecourt and played to get Kawhi Leonard the ball on top of the key. As Leonard rolled to the ball, James Harden was trapped on a screen just enough to give Leonard an angle had to go to the basket. He lowered his head, rolled onto the lane, and put the ball on the place he thought was the game binder

Instead, the umpires called an offensive foul that wiped it off the board, gave the ball to the Nets, and effectively ended the game. Here’s a look:

The general consensus was that it was a bad call, and it’s pretty hard to disagree. Leonard’s forearm makes contact with Harden’s chest, but there wasn’t a large imprint and certainly nothing that would knock the Nets star back Furthermore, Harden initiates contact primarily by leaning on Leonard at the beginning of the journey

This should have been a no-call, especially with the game on the line you don’t want to completely change how you officiate in the final seconds and ignore obvious calls just because the game is over, but at the same time the umpires should do not decide on the result Unfortunately this happened here

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News – USA – Nets win sixth in a row after the controversial Call Kawhi wiped out Leonard’s playbinder in the last few seconds