News – US offense halts as missiles fall on Hornets


Houston Rockets Center DeMarcus Cousins ​​yells at an officer as Houston plays the Charlotte Hornets in the second half of an NBA basketball game in Charlotte NC., Monday, February 8, 2021 (AP Photo / Nell Redmond)

There may have been signs of the missiles’ upcoming offensive crash, the first being that they were playing without their three most indispensable offensive players

For three-quarters of Monday night, the missiles had largely replaced their most irreplaceable scorers, fighting more to slow down the shooting of the hornets than to find ways to keep up with it, and it never seemed to last

And when the Shorthanded Rockets cracked, they fell apart, missing their first 10 shots of the fourth quarter as the Hornets raged on 119-94 to send Houston to their third loss in four games

The Rockets only scored seven points in the fourth quarter, the lowest number they have ever scored in a quarter, as they only scored two out of 18 shots in the fourth quarter

As the Rockets played with John Wall and Eric Gordon sitting back to back for the first half of the game, and the void created by Christian Wood’s absence became increasingly noticeable, they found enough points, often from unlikely sources to keep up with three quarters

But they didn’t slow the hornets down enough, and the wheels broke away from the missile offensive to kick off the fourth quarter. It always seemed like a matter of time

When Victor Oladipo sat without Wall and Gordon early in the fourth quarter, the Rockets had little chance of offending, and even when he got back, the missiles were either stuck on the edge or had to go into the teeth of the Charlotte Defense who was waiting in the color

It took the Rockets nearly eight minutes into the fourth quarter to get a shot An Oladipo 3-pointer broke by by then, the Hornets had run a 22-1 run, from the final shot of the third quarter to the time Rockets coach Stephen Silas began to vacate his bench by a 19 lead Build points

Oladipo led the missiles with 21 points but only made seven out of 18 shots, three out of 10 3s The rest of the grid got five points in the second half Ben McLemore added 15 points but all came in the first half / p>

The Hornets had little trouble dealing with it LaMelo Ball made seven out of 12 3-pointers for 24 points as Charlotte 19 went from 41 to 3, one that fell short of most the Rockets had allowed the Rockets to admit in a game this season

The Rockets got hot for a few minutes in the second quarter, with McLemore taking them from a seven-point deficit to a three-point lead in particular, but it had been a struggle to generate enough insult to keep pace with the Hornets to keep scoring a goal quickly and easily

After the Rockets cooled off late in the half and only did one of their last six 3-pointers, the Hornets put a 64-60 lead in the second half

By then, the missiles would probably have bothered more about slowing the hornets than finding more offense from their short-handed rotation.They stayed as close as mostly because McLemore had moved out of rotation to get them in eight minutes to give 15 points, and made four of five 3-pointers while the provisional grid went 2 of 11

However, the Hornets made sure they looked good from the start Ball scored 15 points with six assists in the first half and Gordon Hayward 15 points.The Hornets made 10 out of 21 3s in the first half before Ball opened the third quarter with his fifth 3-pointer, most of his rookie season being all but 12 seconds of the second half were still to play

As much as the Rockets had scored a hit with Wood, Gordon and Wall, the Rockets were reminded that if it wasn’t obvious beforehand, they would have to somehow hold the Hornets to the 3-point line

They slowed Charlotte down a bit when Ball took a fourth foul to stop a break.The Rockets rallied from eight to eight to end the game before Malik Monk finished the third quarter like it did with another 3-pointer started

When the Rockets offensive collapsed early in the fourth quarter, the Hornets kept scoring until a close game spiraled out of control The rockets no longer struggled to find the firepower to keep up with, they had none at all / p>

Jonathan Feigen has been the Rockets’ beatwriter since 1998, and a basketball nut since then, before Willis Reed hobbled for Game 7, he became a sports writer because the reporter who was supposed to cover the University of Delaware basketball team decided to get one instead playing college lacrosse another season, and never looking back

Feigen, who has won APSE, APME, and United States Basketball Writers Association awards from El Campo to Houston, came to Texas in 1981 to cover the Rice Birds He was a sports editor in Garland before moving to Dallas to cover everything from the Southwest Conference finals hooray to the SMU after the death penalty

After joining the Houston Chronicle in 1990, Feigen reported on the downfall of the SWC, the rise of the Big 12 and the Rockets in their best championship

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News – USA – Attacking levels as missiles drop on Hornets
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