News – US – Player notes of Minnesota Timberwolves’ loss to the New York Knicks


Say what you want, but the Minnesota Timberwolves have been remarkably consistent.This game fits both categories of painful losses Wolves fans suffered in the first half of the season

Yes, that meets the criteria of being 20 or more points behind but making a mad comeback only to lose, and it’s 12th as well The Wolves lost 19 games in which they had a head start in the fourth quarter

In this case, the New York Knicks dominated the first quarter, much of the second, and the first part of the third frame. Then the Wolves made a sustained 29: 9 run that bled into the fourth quarter, with the bank taking the first indictment led and Karl-Anthony Towns was brought to life on a grand scale in the fourth quarter

Cities dominated the glass, knocking down three, scoring a hit in the post and leaving Nerlens Noel dirty as he led the wolves all the way back Minnesota led multiple times in an exhibition match in the final minutes, with a chance with 32 seconds to go

Towns got the ball into the post on the right baseline, guarded by former teammate Taj Gibson. After delivering aid to towns in the mail for most of the night, the Knicks stayed home and left Taj on an island

The towns propped him up to six feet and fired a little jump hook, a decent look as it faded towards the baseline, the shot rattled in and then out and the wolves were forced to foul

After the Knicks made two free throws, the Wolves still had a chance to tie. Towns was pestered in the corner of the inbound and took the ball to a cutting Ricky Rubio, who started a midfielder when he felt contact and passed it to the Line sent

The plan was obviously to do both giveaways and then play the foul, which probably gave them over 10 seconds to get a good look at a 3-pointer to tie the game, unfortunately the second hung up Free throw on the edge and rolled, and that was it

Oddly enough, the Wolves had cities all the way back on defensive, not even in a row, to regain a possible missed free throw. Even if the Knicks got a runout, Towns had five personal fouls What was the point?

The late game execution was once again a mixed bag for the Wolves, and a furious comeback in the fourth quarter failed to materialize

Jaylen Nowell had another disappointing performance, receiving limited playing time in the second half, finishing 0-of-6 with zero points with no assists or rebounds

Josh Okogie only played eight minutes and was 3-1 off the field. Jake Layman was thrown against the wall by head coach Ryan Saunders in the third quarter to get his team back into play He was goalless but scored a 5

It was a similar result for Juancho Hernangomez, who saw 11 minutes and had seven points and a rebound but knocked down a pair of threes and was also a 5

The Wolves are in Milwaukeem for 7am Tip Tuesday evening While the bucks are relatively disappointing this season at 5:13 pm, they still have the reigning MVP award winner and will be a difficult matchup to say the least >

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News – United States – Player scores of Minnesota Timberwolves loss to the New York Knicks
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