News – US reaction: Kentucky falls short against Arkansas and loses fourth in a row


In a losing season, the Kentucky Wildcats saw their second-half bouts against Arkansas on Tuesday night.Although the Wildcats shot a surprising number of threes, they failed to overtake the Razorbacks defenses on the track and fell Home between 81 and 80

Kentucky was one point behind at halftime The Wildcats had a surprisingly efficient night hitting from the deep Kentucky went under 30% of three-point range in matchup shooting Tuesday but shot in the first half against Arkansas with 44%

The Wildcats started the second half cold before Devin Askew returned to court and made a comeback alongside Olivier Sarr. Kentucky managed to crawl back and cut the deficit to a point, just 28 seconds on the clock after Arkansas took a free throw added, Davion Mintz knocked out a threesome to give Kentucky the lead with 14 ticks before Jalen Tate took the line and put the Razorbacks at the top

The Kentucky Wildcats faced the Arkansas Razorbacks on Tuesday to avoid losing four games.The Wildcats had lost six of their last seven games, while the Razorbacks had a win against Mississippi State last week that was their fourth Victory in their last five competitions meant

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Scroll down to see some of the media reaction to Tuesday night’s SEC matchup

Doesn’t look like Devin Askew was in the bank I didn’t notice he left so I’m not sure what happened https: // tco / uIbh5hO7jN

Kentucky’s starting point guard Devin Askew left the field at the beginning of the first half. He logged eight minutes and drew an assist before his exit

Still no Devin Askew on the pitch as Britain returns from the locker room to warm up before the second half

Without their assistant, the Wildcats finished the first half one point behind. In Askew’s absence, Brandon Boston took over the position of point guard and put nine points, four rebounds and two assists on

in 18 minutes

He’s back now Came out well after the rest of the team Looks like he’s trying to play https: // tco / mBV5dhN2Zq

Askew came out to start the second half After Moses Moody opened the gate with a three-pointer in the second half, Askew stepped on the board with his own Trey to bring the deficit back to one point. p>

John Calipari is really leaning into the “I don’t have a point guard” thing by not playing a point guard. This lineup of Boston (6-6), Allen (6-6), Brooks (6-7), Toppin ( 6-9) and Sarr (7 feet) is really something you will be shocked to learn it can’t score

After Devin Askew was out of action, John Calipari pulled 6-foot-6 freshman Brandon Boston off the wing to fill in on the spot Boston scored nine points in the first 8:10 but failed to score the rest of the half

Interesting look for Great Britain with BJ Boston leading the way with Allen, Toppin, Brooks and Sarr

“Now you’re getting one of your best players in a position where the ball is in their hands, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the decision to make Boston point guard,” said Seth Greenberg, basketball analyst at ESPN College. during the mid-term report

Keion Brooks, arguably the best player on the squad, plays 8-0 in Arkansas I don’t know, man I don’t

Keion Brooks was the second top scorer and rebounder in Kentucky in the first half with eight points and six boards, but the 6-foot-7 runner-up sat down on the bench early in the second half while the Razorbacks played after the break 8-0 run extended their lead to seven

Kentucky missed six straight shots when Arkansas hit 7 of 11 in the same six-minute stretch. Keion Brooks was on the bench for most of the 10-0 run the Razorbacks opened the game with

And Olivier Sarr with an offensive board then catches the rag from Askew Sarr has 10 points, 10 boards (7 offensives), 3 assists And Kentucky lost four with under four to play (again) https: // tco / 53jkFTN6Fe

Although Kentucky eliminated and led a 12-point deficit in the final six minutes, they ultimately lost when Arkansas secured the charity strip win

Arkansas had not allowed second chance points in the second half until they failed to block two missed free throws. Kentucky turned it into 5 points

The fact that Kentucky had no idea what it was doing within 4 seconds means they don’t practice endgame scenarios, or don’t practice often or well, players who perform all the time say they know what they are doing without practicing any time out

This is the second time this season that Calipari has had to cover the length of the course in less than five seconds Calipari called up a game where the ball landed in the hands of his mid 70 feet from the edge Seems suboptimal IMO

John Calipari lost 14 games in his first three seasons in Kentucky. He has 13 losses in his 12th season Season

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News – USA – Reaction: Kentucky falls short against Arkansas and loses fourth place in a row
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