News – US – SW.UNITE Review 210321: Season 4 Episode 10 “Buried”


Tonight on CBS their new show SW.UNITE inspired by the TV series and feature film broadcast with a brand new episode from Wednesday 3rd March 2021, and we have your SW.UNITE recap below TonightWUNITE Season 4, episode 10, entitled “Buried”, according to the CBS synopsis: “As the team helps the LAPD find the prime suspect for the disappearance of a woman, a new team member is brought in The strain between Chris and Street comes to a head ”

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In today’s episode of SW.UNITE, we see a woman, she is tied up and gagged in the trunk of a car, a man takes her out of the trunk and drags her into a room, he throws her down and takes off her gag, she tells him he doesn’t me don’t need to do that

Hondo is told that Nora Fowler is there as a tactical emergency medical aid, the police commissioner approved her assessment.She is in the experiment, for now, Hondo is concerned, they have just lost an officer and the wrong addition at the wrong time could hurt them Hondo introduces herself to Nora, she says she is good to go

Street enters a room and Molly is there She says she’ll go in and out all day and take care of the work He says they need to talk, she tells him it’s okay, she’s not angry She says she knows he is distant, since he lost Erika and she understands that she will give him space and she will pause. He thanks her for understanding

Deacon and Chris talk to Nora to change rooms She says everyone calls her Fowler Fowler brings Erika’s empty locker, Chris tells her it’s only Fowler understands, she knows she’s going through a rough time. Fowler and Deacon show each other photos of their family

In an electronics store, a man comes in and asks, whose number is on a note. The woman behind the counter says she doesn’t know, the man rushes behind the counter with her and shoots the cameras. The SW.UNITE is ready to enter, tells Hondo Howler to wait outside

They break in and find the woman, she is alive, her hands and feet are taped with duck tape. She tells them he didn’t want any money, he just wanted to know who a phone number belongs to. The man’s name is Phil Winter, his wife Jessica Winter disappeared five days ago and he’s the prime suspect in their disappearance. They have no one, so no crime. After the stunt pulled Winter in the cell phone shop, they can edit an arrest warrant for his place

Tan and Street go into the apartment, they look around, Street sees a computer, he can get in. He finds his ex-wife dating profile, he must have hacked into it

Chris tells Deacon that she talked to Hicks, but she was way too emotional and she talked too much about Erika. Next, Street faces Hicks when he receives a message from Molly Street asks if everything is okay and Hicks asks why it isn’t

Tan and Hondo go to speak to Jessica’s sister It’s five days she’s missing you show her a text from someone named Sunshine, she says there’s a guy she worked with, his name is Joe and they just flirted with each other, they were just friends you says Joe’s last name was Falcone, they get his address and go right there

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News – US – SW.UNITE Review 210321: Season 4 Episode 10 “Buried”