News – US – That 105-year-old Beat COVID She credits gin-soaked raisins


Ask Lucia DeClerck how she turned 105 and she will be quick to answer

But surviving the coronavirus, she said, could also have something to do with another staple food: the nine gin-soaked golden raisins she ate every morning for most of her life

Your kids and grandchildren will remember the ritual as just one of DeClerck’s lovable lifestyle habits, like drinking aloe juice straight from the container and brushing your teeth with baking soda (that worked too: she didn’t have a cavity until she was 99 was, said relatives)

“We would just think, ‘Grandma, what are you doing? You’re crazy, “said her 53-year-old granddaughter Shawn Laws O’Neil from Los Angeles.” Now the laughter is on us. She hit anything that got in her way “

It’s a long list.She was born in Hawaii in 1916 to parents from Guatemala and Spain and lived through the Spanish flu, two world wars, and the deaths of three husbands and a son

She moved to Wyoming, California and back to Hawaii before finally arriving in New Jersey, where she lived with her oldest son after she turned 90 At the age of 16, she moved to an adult community in Manahawkin, New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore, where she remained active until she was injured in a fall about four years ago

“She’s just the epitome of perseverance,” said O’Neil. “Her mind is so keen, she’ll remember things when I was a kid that I don’t even remember”

DeClerck, the oldest resident of her South Jersey nursing home, learned she was at her 105th birthday Birthday, Jan, had infected the virus 25, the day after she received her second dose of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, according to Michael Neiman, the house’s administrator

At first she said she was afraid she didn’t like being isolated and she missed the daily chatter of the caregivers’ parade at Mystic Meadows Rehabilitation and Nursing, a 120-bed facility in Little Egg Harbor

She showed few symptoms, said Neiman. And within two weeks she was back in her room, holding her rosary beads and wearing her sunglasses and knitted hat

She has a new nickname for her two surviving sons, five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren, whom they call Grandma Lucia O’Neil said, “The 105 year old badass who kicked COVID”

On Monday she got a call from Gov Phil Murphy, who described a phone call with her during a press conference about coronavirus

DeClerck’s family gathered in Mystic Meadows in January 2020 to celebrate their 104th birthday Celebrating birthday before the pandemic broke out When they learned that she contracted the virus, they prepared for the worst

“But she has an incredible tenacity,” he added, “And she has that rosary – all the time”

DeClerck, a devout Catholic, led rosary prayers in the nursing home every week and was a staple of the weekly mass before the pandemic

She raised three sons and ran for decades with her first husband, Henry Laws Jr, in Los Angeles After returning to Hawaii, she married twice, where she worked as a housekeeper and welcomed grandchildren on summer long visits

DeClerck is one of 62 Mystic Meadows residents who contracted the virus According to Neiman, four patients died, including three who were receiving hospice care

Residents were tested twice a week in January, and a rapid test in the last week of the month showed that DeClerck had contracted the virus

“At first she was a little worried, a little scared, but she said, ‘God will protect me,” Neiman said

She had also been vaccinated, which most likely helped her recovery The first studies on the UK’s mass vaccination program showed strong evidence Monday that just one dose of vaccine can help reduce hospital stays for coronaviruses

Europe’s oldest known resident, Sister André, fell ill with the virus at the age of 116.She celebrated her 117th birthday at the beginning of the month Birthday in a nursing home in Toulon, a city in south-eastern France, with a glass of champagne

But it’s probably gin and a handful of golden raisins your family is moving to

“Now we’re all rushing out and getting mason jars and yellow raisins and trying to catch up,” said O’Neil

The 33-year-old actress who started working at the age of 5 and has appeared in films such as “Matilda” and “Mrs Doubtfire, “she writes in a statement to the New York Times that she grew up in Hollywood and learned at a young age that she had no control over the narrative painted on her and by both the media and the public – like the Pop Star – Was Sexualized

Paris prosecutors said Tuesday that French actor Gerard Depardieu was charged with rape and sexual assault in December after authorities reopened a 2018 investigation that had initially been closed, the office told The Associated Press that Depardieu was not arrested when the preliminary charges were handed over to him on December 16 Prosecutors followed up the charges after the case was leaked to the French media

The pandemic has presented challenges to people with eating disorders, including disrupted routines, increased isolation, and loss of control

California’s native strain of coronavirus is more transmissible than its predecessors, more resistant to vaccines, and can cause more severe cases of COVID-19

The star, whose leg was broken in four places with severe tissue and nerve damage, making it “lame”, has since been operated on for 8 hours. She also took her first steps with a walker, but can still use the limb don’t move

Tiger Woods was injured in a car accident, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

Prince Philip is “comfortable” in a London hospital where he is being treated for an infection, Buckingham Palace said Tuesday The palace said Philip, the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II”Feeling comfortable and responding to treatment, but not expected to leave the hospital for several days. Philip’s youngest son, Prince Edward, told Sky News that his father was” much better. ”

Take part in the Yahoo Life 5-Day Allyship Challenge with Frederick Joseph, author of The Black Friend

It’s hard to know if someone really likes you unless you ask them directly, but who has time to do it?

Senator sparked controversy last week after flying to Mexico while a winter storm struck Texas

Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak found himself in hot water after Monday’s show for mocking a candidate

The attorney’s original motion raised questions about whether the intelligence agency had coordinated with paramilitary groups

With measured, prudent remarks, Xavier Becerra deflected attacks by Republican senators on his files in hopes of undermining his nomination as head of the Department of Health and Human Services

Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Sen Tom Cotton (R-AR) unveiled a proposal to increase the federal minimum wage to $ 10 by 2025 The proposal comes as President Joe Biden and the Democrats push for a provision that will raise the minimum wage to $ 15 by 2025 increased

When New York prosecutors can finally examine former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, they will find a guide on how to get rich while losing millions of dollars and paying little to no income taxes, but whether they can find evidence of crime will also depend on other information not included in actual returns The US The Supreme Court on Monday told Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance JrCleared the way to get eight years of Trump’s income tax return and other paperwork from his accountants The decision ended a longstanding legal battle over prosecutors access to the information. Sign up for The New York Times’ The Morning Newsletter The New York Times more or less previewed what to expect for Vance last year as it received and analyzed decades of income tax data for Trump and his corporate tax records, offering an unprecedented and very detailed look into the Byzantine world of Trump’s finances, with which he has been bragging about and trying to keep secret for years at the same time The Times audit found the former president had reported hundreds of millions of dollars in business losses, spent years without paying federal income taxes, and was before an IRS review of 72 $ 9 million tax refund he asked for a decade ago, among other things, records showed that Trump had only paid $ 750 in federal income taxes in his first year as president and paid no income tax at all in 10 of the last 15 years, which also showed that he had between 2010 and 2018 “consulting fees” $ 26 million in business expenses, some of which appear to have been paid to his older daughter Ivanka Trump when she was an employee of the Trump Organization, the legitimacy of the fees that reduced Trump’s taxable income has been since then The subject of Vance’s investigation as well as a separate civil investigation by Letitia James, New York Attorney General James and Vance are Democrats, and Trump has attempted to portray the multiple investigations as politically motivated while rejecting any wrongdoing. Vance’s office has been subpoenaed for the past few months Issued and conducted interviews examining various financial issues, including whether the Trump Organization misrepresented the value of assets in making loans or paying property taxes, as well as paying 130 hush money000 USD during the 2016 campaign to Stephanie Clifford, the pornographic film actress by the stage name Stormy Daniels Among those surveyed were employees of Deutsche Bank, one of Trump’s largest lenders.Despite all of their revelations, Trump’s tax records are also noteworthy for what they fail to show including new details about the payment to Clifford, which was the first focus of Vance’s investigation when it began two years ago Tax returns are self-reported accounting for income and expenses and often do not have the specificity required to know, for example, whether legal costs related to hush money payments were claimed as a tax write-off, or whether money was ever paid from Russia moved through Trump’s bank accounts The lack of this level of detail underscores the potential value of other records on which Vance made the Colonel’s decision Court of Justice on Monday In addition to tax returns, Trump’s accountants, Mazars USA, are also required to provide business records on which those statements are based and communicate with the Trump Organization.Such material could provide important context and background for decisions made by Trump or his accountants met John D Fort, a former chief of the IRS criminal investigation department, said tax returns are a useful tool for uncovering clues but could only be fully understood with additional financial information obtained elsewhere, “It’s a very important personal financial document but it’s only part of the puzzle, “said Fort, CPA and investigative director at Kostelanetz & Fink, Washington.” What you find in the return must be continued with interviews and subpoenas. “Still, the Times’ investigation into Trump’s returns revealed a number misleading claims and falsehoods propagated about his wealth and business acumen, Trump’s numerous claims for generous philanthropy fell apart as he scrutinized his tax returns, raising questions about both the size of specific donations and the totality of his tax-deductible donations, for example el $ 1193 million of the approximately $ 130 million in charitable deductions claimed since 2005 turned out to be the estimated value of no real estate pledges, sometimes after a planned project failed, at least two of these are known to have been Land-based charitable prints, one pertaining to a golf course in Los Angeles and the other at an estate in Westchester County, New York, named Seven Springs, are part of James’ civil investigation into whether the estimates are in support In a broader sense, the tax records showed how the public disclosures he had filed as a candidate and then as president provided a skewed view of his overall finances by based on glowing numbers for his golf courses, hotels and other businesses of the gross revenues they generated each year Da s actual bottom line after losses and spending was much grim: in 2018, while Trump’s public filings showed $ 434 million in revenue, his tax returns totaled $ 47 million in losses, and such dire numbers were not an anomaly of Trump’s many golf courses, a core part of his business empire, reported losses of $ 315 million from 2000 to 2018, while revenues from licensing his name to hotels and resorts were all but dried up by the time he joined the White House, Trump also has loans totaling Hundreds of millions of dollars, many of which he has personally guaranteed and due over the next few years, The Times investigation also found that he is facing a potentially devastating IRS audit focused on the huge refund he requested in 2010, all the bundles he paid until 2005 Covering his income taxes plus interest Trump repeatedly cited the ongoing audit as the reason he was unable to publish his tax returns after initially announcing it, despite nothing stopping him in the audit process. Should an IRS ruling ultimately be against him, Trump could be forced be able to repay more than $ 100 million, taking into account interest and possible penalties in addition to $ 21 million state and local tax refunds based on numbers in his federal records.This article originally appeared in the New York Times © 2021 The New York Times Company

Erica Mena used social media to respond to her ex Safaree after saying in a post that getting married was one of his biggest mistakes

A year ago, Bravo didn’t have Asians among its seven Real Housewives shows. Now the franchise’s newest Asian cast – Jen Shah in Salt Lake City, Dr Tiffany Moon in Dallas and Crystal Kung Minkoff in Beverly Hills are using their increased visibility to speak out against the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes and to describe their own brushes with discrimination, even on their own shows Last Friday, Bravo shared a message in which He denounced the rise in hate crimes: “As racist crimes continue to increase in the AAPI community, we stand together with our colleagues, partners and colleagues from & Pacific Islander from Asia and America against racism and hatred and violence #StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHateMoon, Shah and Not only did Kung Minkoff expand the post, they also detailed how anti-Asian racism affected their own lives – before and after the camera. Also read: ‘Bling Empire’: All Asian Customs Explained, From Red Envelopes To Black Stew for Dr Moon, whose first season is currently running, Racism was already addressed in the first episode Moon, who immigrated to the US from China, confronted castmate Brandi Redmond with a race-insensitive video that she published mocking Asians (Redmond apologized several times for the video and checked into a wellness center) After clearing the air with Redmond, Moon invited her castmates to a Chinese dim sum restaurant, where she encouraged them to try chicken feet.Some expressed their reluctance to try the dish during the episode after the episode aired, the said Dallas housewife Kameron Westcott, she’d rather eat chicken feet dog treats, which would lead to some outcry of occasional racism. Moon related how a patient at her workplace recently asked about another (non-Asian) doctor Incident sparked anti-Asian bullying as a child, like Redmond’s video. “One of the reasons I decided to take the opportunity to become a housewife was because I thought it would give me a platform and have a voice, “she said to People.” That’s my responsibility. For Shah, racial discrimination was part of her story for di e first season that recently concluded as a Tongan-Hawaiian educator of biracial black sons, Shah said she and her family had been discriminated against in Salt Lake City after explosive confrontations with her castmates, Shah revealed castmate Lisa Barlow that the reason she is so defensive Is In Discrimination Read Also: Hollywood Stars Join Twitter to Denounce Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes “I’m who I am because of my culture, what I’ve been through and where I’m from and how I am Growing up, “Shan explained.” I’m like that because I had to be. When I lived with all the whites in Utah, I had to fight and be defensive and always be ready to fight. In an off-show interview, Shah addressed the dangers, one colored woman how to refer to herself as “scary” (a version of the “angry black woman” stereotype) and how she is taking her black sons Shah replied in support of Bravo’s message and also previously wrote on #BlackLivesMatter and #TransLivesMatter Kung Minkoff’s season has not yet aired, but she is already one of the loudest stars of Bravo against anti-Asian hatred She posted on Instagram about the range of violent attacks against Asian elders as well as tools, including highlighting the community response group @compassioninoakland (which provides custodians for Asians in the Bay Area and is expanding nationwide) and promoting hate crime reporting also: Prince From Brandy’s ‘Cinderella’ credits Whitney Houston for 1997 musicals diverse cast Kung Minkoff, a Chinese American and mother of biracial children, wrote: “We set out on the road to the American dream without publicly voicing our struggles with prejudice , Rassi smus and discrimination on the way feels like this microaggression, xenophobia and the whole myth of the model minority have normalized to the point of being overlooked, in addition to the official Bravo declaration, the housewives also supported a post with past and present Asian Housewives, including Tiffany Hendra (Dallas), Lisa Wu (Atlanta), Shah, Moon, Jules Wainstein (New York) and Kung Minkoff message “Stop AAPI Hate”: View this post on Instagram A post from kevin by bravo (@ambermarchamp) This is not the first time the network has denounced racism Last summer, amid protests against police brutality and criminal justice reform, Bravo aired a special “Race in America” in which the talents of the franchise companies “Real Housewives” and “Married to Medicine ”share their experiences on the subject of“ Black in America ”Read the original story The latest asiatis Chen “real housewives” are using increased visibility to combat anti-Asian hatred at TheWrap

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