News – US Wizards stun LeBron and the Lakers to win their fifth straight win


The Wizards went head to toe Monday night with LeBron James and the defending champion Lakers, battling a 17-point deficit to force overtime and eventually take the game into the extra frame

Washington has now won five straight games and continues to defeat some of the best teams in the league. Next up, the Clippers in the same building on a back to back

Somehow the wizards continue to win This was arguably the best Washington so far, losing half to defending champion Lakers, overcame a series of turnovers and a brick festival from the 3-point country to come back and his first Secure winning streak in five games for three years

You are now winners of five straight and firmly in the mix for the play-in tournament in the Eastern Conference after a brutal period of a coronavirus outbreak and the aftermath of the absence of several key players for three weeks , the wizards are healthy and rolling as the all-star break approaches Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers won’t make it easy on Tuesday though

Part of the value of the reigning Sixth Man of the Year for this Lakers team is his ability to fill a gap in goals in moments when Davis or LeBron James didn’t lie on the floor, and that’s exactly what he did in this game

Harrell finished the 10-of-17 shooting with 26 points and nine rebounds and dominated the Wizards on the edge and in the midfield on the baseline Moe Wagner is the most mobile big of the Wizards and got into bad trouble at the beginning of the first half Then Harrell started up against Robin Lopez

One of the tenants of the game against LeBron James is to keep his supporting cast in check. James prefers to play for his teammates If the defense cannot afford to use all resources to stop him, he will destroy you

If the Wizards Defend, They Can Play With Anyone Though the Lakers missed Davis, the Wizards stayed in a game where they had nothing to do with the defending champions, battling to put down shots beyond the bow, falling as many as 17 Points, but they hit the line, forcing turnovers and punishing the Lakers defenses inside to make it an exchange of blows on the track

Playing the best teams in the league will tell you where you are in your own process, after which the wizards can feel pretty good about their group’s potential

The wizards have been battling behind the 3-point line for a few weeks now, but it doesn’t seem to detract from their ability to win games at a time of basketball when teams routinely live or die by the 3-pointers, turn the magician dots in color to bear their insult

Russell Westbrook finally hits the rim consistently and is not satisfied with too many jumpers, while Robin Lopez and Rui Hachimura have achieved success in pick and roll or in cuts Bradley Beal’s fluid middle class game doesn’t hurt either

At some point the triplets will fall, and when they do the wizards will find themselves in a situation of dynamic offense that can hit you in a variety of ways

If you’re a fan of beautiful basketball with crisp passes, made strokes, and a steady flow to the game, this wasn’t for you. Both the Wizards and Lakers struggled to get the ball caught and scored in this game 36 sales when all is said and done

Surprisingly, James was particularly sloppy with the ball, having a total of eight freebies that night and not looking as aggressive as he had been all season, the physical toll of wearing a team his age without Davis could have played a role here , but the wizards did not make it easy for him

With Westbrook’s ability to attack the rim in transition and Davis Bertans’ know-how at knocking down trailer 3-pointers, the wizards are a dangerous team when flipping their opponent

Tune in at 9 p.m. on NBC Sports Washington on Tuesday for full coverage of the Wizards’ next game against the Los Angeles Clippers

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News – USA – Wizards stun LeBron and the Lakers to win their fifth place a row