News – USA – 2021 McDonald’s All-American Roster Revealed


McDonald’s All-American roster for 2021 was released on Tuesday and the final list of 24 players can be seen below

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the McDonald’s All-American game, which was supposed to be on Thursday, will not be played this year

“Even in an unprecedented year, we’ve been so impressed that high school athletes continue to celebrate the game we all love while making an impact on and off the pitch,” said Joe Wootten, chairman of the All American Games McDonald’s Selection Committee on USA Today “Recognizing that many of these student-athletes have had their senior season changed or shortened, we wanted to honor them for their skills and dedication to the game of basketball

“While we are disappointed, we cannot have personal games this year that will not detract from the performance of this class and will forever be part of the legendary group of McDonald’s past and present All Americans”

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Check out the final list of 24 players below.Each player also has a scouting report from the 247Sports recruitment team

Has great length and excellent frame to add weight to. At 6-foot-8 he can either play forward and he has the ability to be an off-the-bow weapon – there aren’t many interested in the combination of skill , Basketball IQ, size, and athleticism have improved significantly from dribbling, and it’s easy to see why he’s one of the best prospects in the class of 2021 from an NBA standpoint, not only does he have a significant 3- and D- Potential as a striker but his athleticism gets better too – which could mean future star status if it all continues to come together Add that he’s the son of a coach who has been involved with the game all his life, and Baldwin almost every box reviews you might want from a perspective Looks like it’s turning into an NBA lottery

Serious size for posts of decent length, broad shoulders and a very good frame.Strong for its age, but has plenty of room to grow into the frame.Shouldn’t have any problems that increase the strength.Ideal from a tall post, where he can beat jumpers, take bigger defenders off dribbling, or use his stellar vision to find cutters. Great rebounder Uses his size and basketball IQ to protect the rim Should be able to do both the four and the five Playing at the College Level Improving efficiency from the perimeter would take the game to the next level and its NBA benefits would greatly affect projects as high-level performers at high-major-level has an upward trend in the first round Further development

Talented center with good size and long arms. Decent athlete who could improve with strength. Still physically immature, but has the shoulders and the basis to gain weight in time. Has a large 3-point weapon due to his size and length -Shooting Sometimes knocked off the block due to lack of strength but has the ability to move in the right hook rebounds area and goes well with the position Serious rim protection for age and physical immaturity The improvement in his footwork and inner confidence will be great, however the strength should go a long way there Projects as a successful high major center Every sensible jump athletically and / or as a central defender should bring him to the first round

Extremely athletic with good length for a wing Get off the ground very quickly A finesse slasher player Has the ability to finish hard hits Currently no long range shooter Handles and walks well Serves as a secondary ball handler Disruptive and versatile defender Improving the shooting range is the key to its development

Bufkin, an athletic combo guard with 6: 4, could end up in the five-star range by the last ranking update. He currently sits at number 42 in the 247Sports Composite What I particularly like about him as a view is his dynamic Game on the high screen.It can get to the rim and finish with authority and also score with the knight or make the pass.It can also be effective for a team that plays outside of the main action.Bufkin also has great potential as a defender

Chandler is a downhill attack point guard with excellent speed and sophisticated game management skills.He is an excellent passerby with a suitable view of the field, who is creative right away and has his playful skills, whether in transition or halfway, he reads the floor very well and makes the right decision several times with the ball in his hands. He’s one who won’t impress volunteer fans with outstanding results, but his maturity and demeanor as a true floor general will help Rick Barnes and Tennessee with that Earning wins in the SEC game Chandler is one who always makes the right game at the right time, be it a pass, a bargain, or a basket

He’s a good size and length, and while he needs to get stronger, that will come with time. Right now he is at his best as a marksman, where his size and long arms allow him to beat almost any defender But if there’s a bigger player on him he’s also athletic enough and good enough at dribbling to get past them.A highly skilled prospect who can play anywhere on the perimeter. Hard worker with a huge IQ on the pitch demonstrates Has the ability to be a college-level flapping wing and make an NBA first choice

Collins is a painfully thin and bouncing hybrid foursome with long arms. As a jumper, he is quickly lifted off the ground and with good hands very agile. He ends up with strength at the edge and develops as a goalscorer in front of the basket senior shot blocker who ranks among the best in this area of ​​the game in the senior class, more than capable of recovering outside of his territory Collins is still a little offensive in general but has made leaps and bounds in his game over the years With his tremendous advantage, he’ll likely play the same game under John Calipari

Has a good physical figure for a point guard Extremely athletic Explosive jumper who specializes in getting to the rim and finishing. Also has good body control and is a creative and skillful finisher Has a reliable jump shot to help Keep the defense honest Sees the court well Finds the diagonal pass Can pass the high difficulty Has the tools to be a senior full-back and rebounder

Long arms at 6-9 Energetic athlete who plays with aggression and competitive advantage Thrives on contact and has an unorthodox style that is physically intimidating Senior rebounder who leaves his territory to pursue the ball Very limited shooting range Not uncomfortable with the ball, but not a playmaker A versatile and skilled defender Quality shot blocker Has great potential as a high-energy defender, rebounder-type

Tough kid who is an absolute monster on the court at 6-foot-9 and roughly 220 pounds has advanced production for his age and he is someone who should keep improving his skills while adding athleticism as he gets older With his combination of tenacity, motor skills and dexterity, he has the potential to play almost any position on the forecourt. He is best at power forward but could be skillful and mobile enough to play on the wing. Depending on his development and growth, he could be he can get big and strong enough to play a little ball center in time if his perimeter jumper becomes constant he has the potential to be as good as anyone else in the country Should become an NBA first-round selection draft p>

The 6-10 forward is considered the No. 3 player in Washington State.He attended Olympic High School and averaged 17 points and 11 rebounds as a junior to help the Bears come in fourth in the WIAA Class 4A tournament lead After the state tournament run, which was the bears’ best since 2011, he was named the Tacoma News Tribune and the 2020 Olympian’s All-Area Player of the Year

Large physical tools with ideal size and length High level frame and plus sportiness Natural little striker, but due to his size, length and physical ability he could easily play a small four ball Improve the stroke with reach to girth Has good vision for the elite position as a versatile defender; should be able to protect 2 to 4 Could improve as rebounder given its size and sportiness Motor is inconsistent Has extreme advantages; The further development of dexterity and motor skills will determine the final stock. Should lottery pick be with continuous development

Hardy is the best offensive player in the senior class. He gets buckets from four different areas on the floor and is elite at creating his own shot if necessary. He has the grade of an elite goalscorer who can hit jumpers with a high degree of difficulty He has tremendous reach to the NBA three-point line, stretching a defense and opening lanes to his teammates.He draws comparisons to Bradley Beal for his shot and his ability to take on a game with his talent to score a goal as a true killer, who can win a game in coupling scenarios, is transferred to Hardy’s game at the highest level, since he always poses the risk of filling it in a certain night

Good size and length point guard Plus athlete with frame who enables strength with maturity Competitor with impressive frame of mind Does good level shooting and creating for others Versatile goalscorer and accomplished mediator Strong on ball defender Has both high ground as well also high ceiling Simple high major starter with NBA head

Holmgren is more unique than ever in the era of national recruitment databases Holmgren is 7 feet tall and phenomenal in length With his rim protectors he’s a real game changer on the defensive. He’s the best shot blocker in the country and definitely the best shot blocker I’ve seen in high school basketball. He’s also one of the most versatile players in the senior class Even though he fills the stats sheet on multiple categories and is extremely productive, his advantage is still immense. He influences the game in so many areas and plays with a huge chip on his shoulder.Although his defense is ahead of his offense, he has elite ball skills on the verge of being able to handle and shoot basketball like a combo guard, Holmgren has the potential to be a generational talent with his unreal long-term tools.Eight months in college weight training will serve him well, his head is clearly in his body as he needs to add weight and get stronger

Houstan is a long and slender shooter with an excellent prospect of low maintenance. He is a perfect stretch four with his physique and skill. What sets him apart from his peers is his feather-light catch and shot jump, which he makes with an efficient Speed ​​knock down Outside of him, he’s a very good catching and shooting artist who can also put the ball on the ground when attacking late remaining stock.His length and deceptive athletic skills allow him to be an effective rebounder inside Houstan talented and will be an elite kickout option for Juwan Howard and Michigan

Harrison Ingram’s professional projection is a unique perspective with an old school game and based on his high IQ he’s a winner and the ultimate competitor who is one of the smartest prospects the country has in both on and off the field a bright future for every aspect of life He is a pioneer who dominates the games with skill, skill and intelligence Ingram can play on or off the ball He plays at pace and is one of the better passers-by in the class He plays extremely deadly with his back to the basket, where he can meet or track down shooters from any area of ​​the floor.Although Ingram isn’t a fantastic athlete, he’s productive on the glass and on the defensive.His elite IQ and skill set make him one of the best contenders in the of the class and he is someone who will exceed his physical abilities as a player and producer

Tremendous physical strength for a shooter Has length too. Very competitive with an impressive basketball IQ. Plays a power game but can score in all three levels. Solid ball handler. Good passer. Has the power to be a better rebounder. Solid defender.

Not long for a wing, but tall and strong Can overwhelm opponents with strength and athleticism Plays with great energy Competes all over the court Good ball handler and passerby Dribbling down is his greatest strength Developing a long-range shooter Quality rebounder and defender Should be evolve into a draft NBA first round

Short stature, but great strength and speed Can be shot if you want. Business card is pull-up jumper Also dangerous long-range shooter Grips at a high level and can distribute Not an efficient assistant / sales player Will rebound the position Can disrupt the defense if you get one Guy steals

Sallis is a great guard who can play on or off the ball.He is roughly 6-foot-4 with the ability to really shoot shots and long arms, and is a solid athlete who has gotten better with his quickly Basketball IQ and his passing ability, he serves as the lead guard who takes care of basketball and controls the game as a goalscorer and expeller. Once he has gained strength and has more confidence in his own abilities, the sky’s the limit for what he can achieve in the future

Has impressive length in a thin frame for a foursome.Is a good athlete and improves in this area as he develops strength.Has top-notch long-range shooting stroke. Gets good results in the middle area, where he can twist and attack or Pivot and point up Advanced dribbling is not a strength, but can attack a few dribbles Comfortable with the basketball as a passerby Improve defensively in terms of feet around the circumference and strength in the interior Capable shot blocker

Small striker with good size, long arms and more athleticism. Still very physically immature; plenty of room to gain strength in the years to come On a significant upward trend since the beginning of high school career Extremely versatile defender due to size, length, athleticism, instinct and motor skills Good feeling as a rebounder and weak side shot blocker The offensive has become due to the progress in ball skills and the jumper continuously improved Very good visibility for the position Easy high major starter who should be a first choice if he continues to improve at the same speed

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