News – USA – Amazon Prime: Eddie Murphy is back with “A Prince in New York 2”!


To the delight of his millions of fans, Eddie Murphy is back on Amazon Prime with “A Prince in New York 2”!

As you may have noticed, Eddie Murphy hasn’t appeared in the movie in a few years, but the most popular American actor brings this to Amazon Prime Prince in New York! MCE TV tells you everything

What does this time say at least instead of relaxing under a duet with a good film or series?

Since the global epidemic broke out, streaming sites have boomed unprecedented Needless to say, there aren’t many other ways to entertain yourself

So among the most popular is Amazon Prime Offers beautiful nails like the latter upload, that’s us or kids

She is getting ready to greet the new! You probably understand, so this is a long-awaited movie, A Prince in New York 2 Yes, You Heard

This is the release of this new movie directed by Craig Brewer and produced by Paramount The return of a great actor to the American scene

No, you are not dreaming, Eddie Murphy will reappear on screen in this new product. Then he will simulate it again His Highness Ahim Jofer Great class!

A long time ago, Eddie Murphy So he created some secrets about his return to the big screen and millions of his fans are thrilled!

That is, the most famous is the 59-year-old American actor Marks the history of cinema He seems to have missed the American scene very much

The public will especially know him for his roles A cop in Beverly Hills, an armchair for both of them, or Natty Professor Just classic!

Today he seems more committed than ever. He says he is proud that Prince is proud to announce that Prince is “The first film in the history of cinema – exclusively with black distribution – will be a worldwide success”

“I can tell you no. A black actor – middle-aged or younger – those who in this city or any other city don’t want to be part of this movie,” he adds. The rest comes to Amazon Prime!

Salon Eddie Murphy, A Prince in New York 2, Like all films in which he starred: “That has nothing to do with it” Black Lives Matter Then he explains it: “We just noticed it back then About family, about love, what is right and tradition? ”

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News – USA – Amazon Prime: Eddie Murphy is back with “A Prince in New York 2”!