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The All-Star Game, which apparently no one wants to attend, has its official rosters on Tuesday night.The NBA announced the seven reserves in each conference that will be held on Jan. Atlanta will be among the 10 starters on March 25th in the west, Chris Paul, Paul George, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Zion Williamson, and Anthony Davis have been named all-stars (Davis will likely be replaced due to injury) to them in the east include James Harden, Julius Randle, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Zach LaVine, Ben Simmons and Nikola Vucevic Here are some thoughts on the final choices …

The first thing people want to talk about when the rosters are named is who got struck off the list, LeBron James fired the first volley and tweeted his support for Devin Booker, I don’t know there are monstrous snubs out there, anyone getting struck off the list In the west, De’Aaron Fox and Mike Conley (in addition to Booker) had good cases but who would they replace? Conference Remains Loaded Despite Recent Exodus Of Talent Davis’ Achilles Injury Makes Room For At least One More Person. A Conley pick would give Jazz three all-stars, a nice reward for their surprising first-half spot in the first half of the season >

In the east, people will most likely be in the arms of Nikola Vucevic’s inclusion, and it’s important to note that coaches are voting on reserves Vooch may not get national attention, but he has been an incredibly prolific player in for several seasons a Magic team that is always a few degrees livelier than it was supposed to be.His teammate Aaron Gordon may have stolen more headlines on the All-Star weekend in his career, but Vucevic is the better player. Still, it’s a little surprising that Bam Adebayo is not on the team, maybe Adebayo will pay the high and low season price of the heat, but he would have been a good choice in this place (his teammate Jimmy Butler missed too many games) another player with a strong argument for the shot is Bucks’ swingman Khris Middleton, who averages 20/6/6 a night and only a few free throws of one he is 50/40/90 season away But mainly because the East is so tense this season and has largely lost the qualifying game for the “team success”, these tips have mostly stood the test of time

Two players who pissed off the apple cart this season are Randle and LaVine, who made big numbers for two franchises (the Knicks and Bulls) that haven’t hit highs in the past few seasons – they’re both more than deserved after coming into this hype-free season The Knicks and Bulls would both be in the playoffs if they started today, and Randle and LaVine are the main reasons, if anything, it’s a bummer that their first all- Star Games Are Available In A Compromised Product The two players have game times that deserve all of the normal bells and whistles that come with All-Star Weekend. Hopefully they’ll have more choices in their future

The Celtics’ Jaylen Brown is also set to travel to Atlanta for his first all-star appearance.Although Boston is in the middle of a slide that will happen almost every time in the east this season, he is also having a spectacular season on This Seems being the first of many times both Brown and Tatum travel as a couple for the All-Star Weekend

In addition to the three above, the Pelicans’ Williamson will likely make the first of many appearances in this game.Only in its second season, Zion hits an average of 25/7/3 shooting at 616% off the field. If there is a basketball god, we’ll see LeBron and Zion throwing alley oops at each other in Atlanta
For folks who get upset about boisterous players, there’s a good case for expanding the number of selections.The active NBA roster themselves are 14 players (as opposed to just 12 for the All-Star teams) and with the two two way per club contracts, more people than ever play night after night especially when compared to the rules. Personally, I like the limited rosters! Usually I’m everything to players who get picked, after all this game is mostly meaningless.But the fewer number of selections makes the honor the greater. If I were to offer tweaks, I would start by a) removing the conference differences, especially considering the Format of the team captain, and b) possibly a special role for each team as 13 Adding Player I have no idea how this specialty thing would work in practice instead of just picking the next best man, but it would be fun if a marksman like Duncan Robinson or Joe Harris or a dunker like Gordon were tossed into the mix, just To introduce some mayhem, no matter what the NBA decides, you’ll be up on Aug. March a lot less worry about it

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News – USA – Breakdown of final NBA All-Star roster