News – USA – By ET to her own talk show! 30 Drew Barrymore throwback photos of her 46th birthday birthday


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Drew Barrymore has been a staple on our screens since the early 1980s, whether it was as a young starlet in her breakout roles in E.and babes in Toyland or as a comedic force to be reckoned with later in their adult years This actress, director, producer and now talk show host has entertained us for four decades

“I love the life I’ve lived!” she says with a grin “As a child I felt like an adult and then I felt as a child when I was an adult Then I had children and at 45 I still don’t know exactly how old I am,” she told Paradecom

Barrymore adds, “I would live life exactly as it all happened because I don’t know if I would be who I am or where I am for no reason””

In this next chapter of life for Drew, this mother of two daughters – Frankie, 6 and Olive, 7 – enjoyed bringing her bubbly and glowing personality onto daytime TV in ways she couldn’t previous projects

With Drews 46 For her birthday, let’s take a look back at her long career in film, production, and television.From her adorable years as a child actress to the flower movie era, check out 30 photos of Drew Barrymore over the years, including pictures of her boys and pictures from then and over today

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Drew Barrymore, 22 February, Firestarter, Kyle MacLachlan, 2021

News – USA – By ET to her own talk show! 30 Drew Barrymore throwback photos of her 46th birthday birthday
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From ET to her own talk show! 30 Drew Barrymore throwback photos on her 46th birthday Birthday
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