News – USA – Cameron Diaz, Steven Spielberg & David Letterman surprise Drew Barrymore on her birthday


Drew Barrymore turns 46 today Birthday – and marked the occasion with a surprising episode of her talk show, which remained in her tears several times over the hour

The celebration felt a bit like a “This Is Your Life” episode hosted by Savannah Guthrie Famous faces from Barrymore’s career popped up to remember all the good times they had together

One of the most emotional reactions from Drew came for her godfather and “ET”Director Steven Spielberg, who she said was” the first person I knew would take care of “

“Oh Drewface, you still matter to me,” he said to her. “I’ve always looked after you since that little blonde hurricane first auditioned in my office and took us by storm and then soon took the whole world by storm, you were then and you are today “

While Drew said she “lived” to make Spielberg proud, the two also touched on something she did that he might not want to see: her Playboy, which started spreading in 1995 after the photos were released , Spielberg sent her a quilt that said “Cover Up” – and although that story was previously shared by Barrymore, we didn’t know what happened next

“I sent her the Playboy layout, and I had an artist come to make paper doll cutouts that I glued onto all of her partially exposed photos and sent it back to Drew ‘Now she is dressed'”Spielberg continued,” Then, about a week later, Drew sent me something. She sent me an apology “

The ironic “excuse me” came with a series of photos of Drew from her childhood dressed as a nun

“What she said in the picture was, she said the first was ‘I’m sorry’, the second was ‘I saw the light’ and the last was ‘I’m on my way'”

Another guest who brought tears to Barrymore was best friend and Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz

“We’ve spent so many birthdays together. Mostly we can actually be together,” Diaz explained of Zoom. “We’re not big gift givers, we’re more into experience, so we always try to go somewhere and do something with the girls to do and be together and cook and eat and hang out and stay up all night and just have the best time “

The two stated that they have been together on their various B-Day escapades in the Caribbean, the Hamptons and Hawaii – as Barrymore said, she is the only person she has slept with in a non-romantic way ” I slept in a tent while my fever broke on a Chilean mountain in a thunderstorm like Patagonia I mean, yeah, we were together everywhere, “she added

“Well, it started out like classic boy humor and then it evolved into a real term of tenderness and then just stuck,” Drew Diaz said, adding, “When we’re in a restaurant, she says to the waiter, ‘ Ask Poo Poo what she want ‘and people will say,’ What? ‘ She is on my phone as Poo Poo “

“She’s the godmother of my daughter Frankie and still it’s poo poo it will never change,” said Barrymore with a laugh

The two were also asked what they think of possibly doing another Charlie’s Angels movie, something fans have been asking for for years

“I’m glad people think this way, you know I’ll be in tubes with poo poo grandmas, we can do anything and anyone as long as we’re together,” said Barrymore. “I’ve had a whole life with you too live “

“I always say never never say there is never a time when we are not connected or consider something together,” added Diaz. “I can’t wait to grow old with you and the rest of ours Living life together One of the great joys of my life is our friendship. I think you are so special and celebrating yourself is the absolute Every year it’s one of my favorite times of the year “

A third guest who actually appeared in the studio on Drew’s special day was David Letterman, when the two recalled their memorable interview together on Dave’s show in 1995. During that appearance on the “Late Show,” Barrymore was dancing on his Desk and left him to his 48th Birthday flash

“I’ll tell you honestly, I’ve seen old movies before, Blackboard Jungle, Glen Ford, and what happens is the teenage criminal teenagers are taking over the classroom and they are going to stand on Glen Ford’s desk and beat him up and so is Drew there, I love that “Hi Paul” and then she climbs on the desk and I thought, “Oh no, I lost control of the class,” Letterman recalled. “And then my next thought was, ‘I’m thinking ‘I’ll probably get kicked’ and then everything you know in ‘Wizard of Oz’, when everything goes from black and white to color, changed as it was “

“I wasn’t going to do it,” said Barrymore, “It was one of those moments in my life when I felt like a magnet was pulling me and it was all very playful and well intentioned, and me just had no idea where it was going and I almost thought, ‘Should I be ashamed? Have I done something bad Am I in trouble?’ and I knew at that moment that you could have gone with a lap: “Why did you do that? What’s wrong with you?” And instead you had that smile and told everyone that this moment is okay I hope I can be half the man Dave is right now and just let something innocent and spontaneous be innocent and spontaneous “

Letterman said he recognized the moment “immediately” as “unique” – and joked that he would be “upset” if she did the same “on Leno’s show”

“But it was kind of a bond for us for the rest of our existence together,” he added

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, David Letterman

News – USA – Cameron Diaz, Steven Spielberg & David Letterman surprise Drew Barrymore on her birthday
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