News – USA – Compromise law on weed and drinking penalties passes minutes before Murphy’s legal marijuana deadline


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Legislators voted to lift criminal penalties and only warn people under the age of 21 caught with marijuana or alcohol on Monday morning, and put a progressive proposal in front of Phil Murphy’s desk in front of the government in the hope that he and will quickly sign two more bills to revise New Jersey’s marijuana laws

Getting the bill before the Assembly and Senate required weeks of negotiation and the extension of the legislative deadlines Efforts collapsed twice and tumultuous talks cast some doubts that they would take effect by Monday This marked the final deadline for Murphy to sign two more bills – one to establish a legal marijuana industry and one to end the arrests for possession

But the Senate voted 22-12 and Congregation 49-27 to send the move to Murphy, who finally has a chance to make his campaign goal of legalizing marijuana a reality, but a governor spokesman declined to say if Murphy would sign or veto the bills on Monday morning

“I want to say this is an important day, but I’ve said that before,” Sen said Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, who sponsored the clean-up and legalization bill “It’s a great day, hopefully we can not only leave this behind but also move forward with what the voters have asked us to do”

The third bill did not allow the Senate and Assembly to sign the first two until 20 minutes before the noon deadline for Murphy

“I am pleased that my colleagues have recognized the critical component of social justice in these bills to ensure that youth in our most deprived communities are no longer unfairly arrested and prosecuted,” said MP Jamel Holley, D-Union, sponsored the legalization effort, said in a statement, “I look forward to the swift adoption of this legislation that New Jersey has been waiting months to implement”

Even at lunchtime, it wasn’t clear whether Murphy had signed or vetoed the two bills

Voters in New Jersey voted in November on an election poll that legalized marijuana 2-1. The vote did not create a legal marijuana industry or end arrests, but gave lawmakers the mandate to approve these guidelines enact

The bill passed on Monday aims to resolve inconsistencies in the legalization and decriminalization bills.Instead of being arrested and fined for using the substances, young people receive warnings that escalate with each violation: the first to oneself, the second to a parent if they are under the age of 18, and the third by referral to community programs, including drug education or treatment

It is the third attempt by lawmakers to compromise with Murphy who wants to see civil sanctions for underage marijuana use – he refused to sign the legalization and decriminalization bills in the two months since it was in place with no resolution / p>

Other efforts that have included weed catcher fines have failed The Black Legislative Caucus rejected these proposals, citing concerns that police would continue to stop and punish minority youths more often than whites under the age of 21

However, the latest bill includes more protections from the police officers cannot stop someone because they smell marijuana, have body cameras on while interacting with young people, and cannot hold them after issuing a warning

Sen Robert Singer, R-Ocean, painted a picture Monday of teenagers aged 14 boldly drinking and smoking on the beach.Written warnings would hardly put them off, he said, and fears of possible criminal charges for their enforcement could police Do not hesitate to contact the young people

This clean-up is the first to set underage drinking penalties for marijuana users. Legislators voted on Friday on an amended version of the law to decriminalize underage alcohol consumption. The governor had not called for any changes to these laws

“Basically, as the state of New Jersey, we advocate that our children not only smoke a pot, but drink it now,” said Holly Schepisi, R-Bergen, MP during the discussion in this chamber

Scutari asked his fellow senators to avoid overreacting as a high bar was required to prove that a police officer had deliberately violated a person’s rights by stopping them and looking for marijuana or alcohol

“Let’s get this issue behind us, pass it off, put it on the governor’s desk and get everyone to sign,” he said

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News – United States – Weed and drinking law bill passes minutes before Murphy’s legal marijuana deadline