News – USA – Dick Durbin: Antifa courthouses not attack, tantamount to threat from white supremacists


Democratic Sen Dick Durbin argued that white supremacist violence poses a greater domestic threat than anti-fascist violence in federal court in Portland, Oregon

Durbin, an Illinois Senator and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made this clear during the opening address at a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray about the January 6 attack on the US. Capitol

“I, along with my Republican colleagues, clearly condemn leftist violence, but let’s stop pretending that the threat posed by Antifa equals the threat posed by the white supremacists,” said Durbin, “The destruction of a federal court in Portland is a crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but it does not amount to a violent attempt to overturn the election results, nor does it amount to mass shootings against minority communities ”

Last summer, Portland, Oregon saw months of daily protests and riots During this time, rioters turned against a federal court in the city center, in which officials were barricaded, threw projectiles at officials and, among other things, set off maneuvers

Durbin said he hopes Republicans will agree that “violent white supremacy” is the most persistent and deadly threat in the homeland ‘”

Wray later testified that Jan The attack on the Capitol was carried out by “a number of violent militia extremists,” including “racially motivated violent extremists who advocate white supremacy” “

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News – USA – Dick Durbin: Attacks on the Antifa courthouse are not synonymous with threats from white supremacists
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