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In these final weeks from Future State we get the conclusion from Lex Luthor versus the man of steel in Superman versus Imperious Lex 2 The world breathes a sigh of relief when Lex Luthor left Earth Lex now controls his own planet called Lexor He was happy He and his robots were raiding other planets for resources and Lex controlled the media and what the people knew They thought what he told them to think Everything should be fine, right? Well, until HE showed up

Superman destroys Lex’s robots for attacking other planets, but when he sees the brainwashing he can’t help but intervene. Lex wants to join the United Planets, so Superman supports his offer

Of course, this is all a conspiracy to fool the planets for Lex’s purposes, which Lois reveals when she travels to Lexor. Then her technicians find a rare crystal that the rest of the galaxy needs to power Lex strips off the partnership back and sees endless gains in front of him Except Superman finds the crystal, synthesizes it and delivers it to the galaxy Lex remains on a planet with no further options

That’s basically the problem of the great Lex Luthor versus one of the great superheroes of all time, and we get a political scam about I need you, I don’t need you, I need you, I don’t need you This act was not bad, but nothing special, either. Lex was more of a con than a genius, and Superman had no problem defeating him and his plans

The only nice story thread on this entire arc had to do with Lex and the Lexors. There’s a nice undercurrent about what a population would look like if the ruler controlled every source of media and information, but this discussion could get better on be led by a political side

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News – USA – Future State Superman versus Imperious Lex 2 – That Hashtag Show