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After Adam Sandler had a successful period at SNL in 1995, he headed head first into a film career that is still going strong. Third decade One of the earliest entries in the Sandler catalog is the golf comedy Happy Gilmore about a would-be hockey player who has unexpected success as a professional golfer. And while it’s only one in a long line of fish-out-of-water comedies that defined the early part of Sandler’s big-screen career, the film ultimately has the face of sports films changed – or at least the sport of golf – and has drawn a legion of fans like none of these other comedies

From the memorable lines and golf swing often mimicked, to the Mandalorian connection and Bob Barker’s introduction to a new generation, Happy Gilmore remains as relevant as never before, adding a soundtrack that features a multitude of artists including Lynyrd Skynyrd, House of Pain, Kansas, and of course Diana Ross and Lionel Richie seamlessly, then stage a Star Wars-inspired ending with ghosts appearing in the sky and you’ve got yourself an iconic proposition

So go to your happy place, because in honor of Happy Gilmore’s 25th anniversary, five reasons why this is Adam Sandler’s Best Picture Ever

To say that Happy Gilmore is Sandler’s first Fresh film doesn’t say much, considering that it only just got into the movie world after SNL, and although he’s been giving us a few gems lately – pun intended – Happy Gilmore remains just one of the few Fresh films throughout his career when it comes to comedies, Sandler got more out of his first 20 years than Billy Madison can even count in first grade, but Happy is only made by The Wedding Singer, Punch-Drunk Love and Funny People accompanied in the Fresh Comedy category It is questionable whether the latter two are even comedies

One sign of a strong and long-running comedy is that some jokes live on in popular culture for many years. And while Sandler’s Billy Madison got a lot in 1995, especially when discussing the positive properties of shampoo and conditioner, Happy Gilmore did brought it to a whole new level in the next year Whether on the golf course, anywhere else in the world of sports or in our daily lives, the film has earned a golden jacket in quotable lines

“I eat pieces for breakfast like you” Do you eat pieces of s-t for breakfast? ”

There’s no denying that Happy Gilmore pushed golf into the mainstream along with the appearance of a guy named Tiger in the late ’90s, and while other classic golf films like Caddyshack and Tin Cup have made some notable contributions to golf culture, no one else has Golf movie affects the game as much as Happy and his unorthodox 400-yard golf swing, in a sport where people are still very enthusiastic about the long ball, the happy swing remains one of the most attempted moves on a golf course by people of all skill levels, sure it mostly made laughable, but you never know when you might actually connect with one, which is why everyone from kids to adults and professionals to hackers is happy to give their best shot

Some of the celebratory moves that take place at Happy Gilmore also live on in the world of golf, happily riding his golf club like a horse was made famous by PGA Tour Pro Boo Weekley during the 2008 Ryder Cup shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald), shooting his ball into the hole with his finger pistol is a move that all real golfers want to perfect

And let’s face it, if you don’t include Chubbs’ (Carl Weathers) “Everything In The Hips” teaching your buddy the basics of the golf swing, you’re doing it wrong
Speaking of Weathers, who is currently experiencing a career in a galaxy far, far away with The Mandalorian, makes headlines about a talented and unforgettable supporting cast in Happy Gilmore Partly known for Predator at the time – when his arms are unceremoniously shot down – takes care of the experienced Actor in Happy for a lot of laughter, with one of his arms replaced by an incredibly long and slightly damaged wooden hand

Julie Bowen plays Happy’s love interest, Virgina Venit, in one of her first film roles, of course, and she won multiple Emmys for her role in Modern Family, but her charm for the hair and girl next door in Happy Gilmore is a fond reminder of her earlier work You’re welcome for the points on your next quiz night

There are also some great cameos from people like Ben Stiller, whose decent character in the nursing home will forever instill fear in the hearts of the elderly, and who can forget that as a professional golfer, Kevin Nealon feels the flow and the longtime Price is Right -Host is Bob Barker with his mean left hook? Speaking of

Could we keep Barker’s fight scene with Sandler on the sideline for this article? Probably This Is More Than Just A Fight Scene However, It’s The Fight Scene Not only did it take home the first-ever Best Fight Award at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards, but it also introduced and introduced Barker to a whole new generation of fans as the ratings for The Price Is Right reportedly on the rise with college kids after the release of the film And the Legend only grows with on-set stories about how Barker wanted to do his own fighting stunts and how he’d only play the role if he did would win the fight

And now, to quote the man himself as he hits Happy, “I think you’ve had enough”

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News – USA – Happy Gilmore is Adam Sandler’s best comedy