News – USA – Jim Boeheim defends comments made on Duke’s Jalen Johnson and admits he hasn’t seen him play this year


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Syracuse manager Jim Boeheim tried to clear the air over his comments on Duke newcomer Jalen Johnson, who was eliminated from the last six regular season games this week, and that he meant no malice towards Johnson or his pro prospects / p>

Boeheim on Thursday was pretty open about his opinion that he was voluntarily Duke “a lot better” without him, adding that Johnson “hurt [Duke]” “But he defended those comments on Saturday as he led them back, to span the fence in confusing double-speaking, he started with a shame in which he argued that his comments had nothing to do with Duke or Johnson, and then tried to claim that he had actually not seen Johnson play, despite having only been days previously had a pretty strong opinion of him

“This is not a dispersion that dispersion throws at Jalen Johnson,” he said, “I haven’t even seen Jalen Johnson play this year to be honest. He’s a great player, probably will be a great professional”

It’s quite difficult not to see a player and also have a strong opinion of that player about what Boeheim is doing here.If you haven’t seen a player this year but feel like a great player, it’s a strange strategy to try to weigh up. Still, Boeheim continued!

“I just made the observation that I thought they played better in those two games without him,” he said, referring to the second half of North Carolina when Johnson played frugally and the wake Forest game on Wednesday he watched both of them

“Only in those two games, one and a half games, were they a better team than I saw this year,” he said. “Nothing against Jalen Johnson Some people have said he shouldn’t have left school I didn’t say that Some people have said he doesn’t think about his team I didn’t say that I don’t even know Jalen Johnson, I haven’t seen him that often, I don’t even know how good he is “

Boeheim and Syracuse face Duke and the Blue Devils without Jalen Johnson on Monday This is an interesting preparation for a game that has little resonance compared to previous matchups between Syracuse and Duke, but according to Boeheim’s own analysis, it should be a good game as Duke looks like now

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News – USA – Jim Boeheim defends comments pertaining to Jalen Johnson of Duke judge, admits he didn’t, I haven’t seen him play this year