News – USA – Kenya Moore accuses RHOA costars of screwing the stripper during Cynthia’s bachelorette party


The women of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” found this out later on Sunday night when they celebrated Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party by going wild with a stripper named Bolo

As they donned all of the dominatrix gear for a “Dungeon Bride Reality”, the ladies were all thrilled to see the well-known and very well-equipped dancer waiting in the backyard, Porsha Williams admitted she was already a fan was after she followed him on social media

After he came in to undress for her, Porsha asked him – outside of the camera – if he would like to come back and “party” with them. He asked if it would still be in the film and she told him, “No, it’s cool “

At this point, presenter Kandi Burruss also turned to the production and said, “Hopefully we can get you to turn the cameras off for a while so we can actually have fun.” They agreed to wrap all the microphones and take them off but security cameras were still set up around the house in the corners of some rooms and outside, while the women moved some of them or covered them for privacy, they could still hear sounds and some of the actions that were going on as the party progressed

“Where’s Bolo and his thing?” Porsha exclaimed once before adding, “one of you sluts will eat me tonight!”

The next morning the place they rented was covered in clothes, whips, and empty drinks when Kenya Moore started playing detective and piecing together what really went down when the cameras appeared to be off, Moore said at some point she saw Porsha and LaToya Ali “make out and grind” when footage showed the two approaching before Williams later exclaimed, “Now I’m a lesbian!”

In a confessional, Williams said she remembered kissing “a few people” before adding “or was it a person? I don’t remember”

When the footage from last night was still being shown in parts, Bolo once said to the women: “As long as I have a face, you always have a place to sit”

“I was up 6am, went downstairs, no one was in the living room and I could hear noises, moans and moans and I heard voices from the hallway,” claimed Moore when a map showed that the hallway was inside was between Kandi and Porsha rooms “I mean, are you serious? Someone is screwing the stripper!”

While Kandi was telling the group, “What happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon”, Kenya was on a mission to uncover everything that went down. “There are definitely some hoes in this house!” she exclaimed

While Cynthia and Kenya were hanging out by the pool, Bailey said she enjoyed seeing some of the girl-on-girl action that went down before Moore said the night started “chilled” but ” then they escalated further “

“There were some breasts and bolo,” she said before adding “I want to know whose p —- was murdered in those sheets,” LaToya then joined them before Kenya briefed them on their activities the night before. Finally, Ali was released from Bolo

Detective Kenya was investigating further the day before dinner when Moore asked Kandi if she had heard anything in the next room. “Let these people have their personal affairs,” Burruss told her costar, saying that Bolo might just be some the ladies gave a private dance

When someone else suggested that someone had just watched porn, Moore scoffed, “The stripper with a 20-inch d — was in there watching porn that makes sense,” she said with a laugh, “Me I think I heard several female voices. I know Porsha’s voice so I knew it was her. I couldn’t figure out who that other woman was “

The show then featured an empty confessional as the producers said Porsha wouldn’t show up to speak about it. “Porsha says she is pleading the fifth,” one of the producers said off-camera

When Shamea Porsha and Tanya informed about Kenya’s questioning in the house, the two women were very upset. “No, that really bothers me. She makes derogatory comments about me and you that involve a stripper,” said Tanya

“Kenya is so disgusting,” added Porsha “girl you are tired I’m not with you you honestly can’t even bother me with your lies” When they met with LaToya, she said she was starting Seeing everyone’s problem with Moore – who was starting to “make their fun night a problem”

The episode ended with all the women sitting down for dinner, which is where they’re going to be really messing things up next week. “RHOA” airs on Bravo on Sundays

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News – USA – Kenya Moore accuses RHOA costars of screwing the stripper during Strynthia Hen party