News – USA – LA neighborhoods blackout is tied to a fire at an electrical company


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Due to a fire in an electrical receiving station of the Department of Water and Energy in Los Angeles, around 39000 people lost electricity

The receiving station on Centinela and Nebraska Streets is a place where high-voltage power is stepped down to a lower voltage for distribution along power lines to homes and businesses so that the Los Angeles Fire Department could get into the receiving station to service the To fight fires, LADWP had to shut down power lines to thousands of customers in Westside, San Fernando Valley and other areas

The fire has been extinguished, damage to the station has been limited and no injuries have been reported, said LADWP spokesman Joseph Ramallo

Power was restored to homes and businesses in about an hour as crews rerouted power through circuits that were still working, but the utility company had no estimate of when all customers would turn the lights back on

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In LA civil rights activists urge the Los Angeles Police Department to provide greater support to the Asian American people who are victims of violence and harassment

Connie Chung Joe, the executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA, called for more training for police officers to help them identify hate crimes.She also said that victims whose experience does not fit the definition of a hate crime continue to need assistance >

In a meeting with the LEIN The Board of Police Commissioners, Joe, and other civil rights activists asked police to be aware that some victims are older and have limited English language skills, they said officers need to become better at detecting hate crimes and be sensitive to victims to be – but they also made it clear that they did not require any further police work

The LAPD recorded 15 hate crimes against members of the AAPI community in 2020 – a 114% increase from 2019. So far, three cases of anti-Asian hate crimes have been documented in 2021

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Break out the umbrellas! Close the hatches! Get in the windows! It’s raining to Southern California

No, don’t sweat we’re about to rain a little bit. It’s nothing special, but here in Los Angeles we love to be – too excited – about every drop of water that falls from the sky (Remember, it was snowing in L gotA two years ago? we’re still talking about it)

If a low pressure system moves through Southern California on Wednesday, the Los Angeles and Ventura counties should see light rain and the local mountains will likely get some snow

We’re going to take everything we can get Southern California hasn’t received much rain this winter and we are officially in the middle of another “critically dry” year

Make sure showers start around 10 a.m. when Los Angeles has a 50% chance of rain, according to the National Weather Service, and most areas will receive less than an inch of rainfall

The San Gabriel Mountains could get up to three-quarters of an inch of rain, however. The NWS says mountain areas can also get 2 to 4 inches of snow. Be careful if you are driving in the mountains – or really anywhere – as it is windy as well the road conditions are slippery

Oh hey, look! Finally a storm has come to visit SoCal! Check out this IR loop of a lovely little storm bringing Ventura and LA counties and pointing south the much-needed rain We aren’t expecting much, but we’re going to take it! Don’t forget to grab the #CAwx #LArain picture ☔ today 😉Twittercom / nEquueZBuT

While we, the news media, sit in a constant state of feline readiness waiting to cover # Stormwatch2021, share your stories of stormy battles and triumphs using the hashtag #LARain

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The special election to fill the vacant Senate seat in the 30th California borough seems to have a clear winner

From approx 11 pm On Tuesday, the Democrat and 54 District Assembly member Sydney Kamlager received around 67% of the vote, more than 50 points ahead of runner-up, fellow Democrat and Culver Alderman Daniel Lee

The special election was scheduled after then Senator Holly Mitchell won a seat in the LA County Board of Supervisors last year. Kamlager was previously Mitchell’s District Director

The 30th Senate District includes Culver City, Ladera Heights, Westmont, Crenshaw, Florence, West Athens, Century City, Mar Vista, and much of downtown Los Angeles

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Since the coronavirus outbreak, violent attacks against Asian Americans have increased, flamed by former President Trump’s repeated racist remarks – including his recurring references to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu” have been fatal recently and activists are calling for immediate action

As reported by LAist employee Phoenix Tso, many supporters who had spoken for many months have called for steps to be taken following a fatal attack in the Bay Area against 84-year-old Vichar Ratanapakdee an immigrant from Thailand

“Unfortunately, vulnerable people are sometimes selected for these types of incidents,” Manjusha Kulkarni, executive director of the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council, told our newsroom’s local news and culture show, Take Two, “And that’s why urgent action is needed.” / p>

Racially charged incidents have also increased in Southern California. These attacks last year included the beating of a 27-year-old Korean American Air Force veteran, ongoing harassment of a Ladera ranch family, and the beating of a 51-year-old man who lived in Rosemead waiting for a bus

The nonprofit Stop AAPI Hate has prosecuted anti-Asian hate crimes and received nearly 250 reports in the LA area between March and December of last year

A 2020 report by the LA County Human Relations Commission found that anti-Asian crimes in 2019 were 32% higher than in 2018 and that white supremacist crimes in 2019 were 38% higher than in 2018

“We absolutely see rhetoric from a number of our elected officials,” she said, “which drives hatred against Asian Americans and Pacific islanders”

Some local activists are taking matters into their own hands Last year my colleague Josie Huang reported on Hong Lee and Esther Lim, two local women who printed brochures for elderly Asian Americans detailing what to do if they are victims of a crime.Some activists in Chinatown are calling for more security cameras , others work with law enforcement

Lim, whose parents immigrated to the U from Korea said the racism she sees today looks very much like repeated history

“When I think of my parents’ struggle just to be accepted here as an American, it hits my heart,” she said, “My parents have been through this before”

Read on to learn more about what’s happening in LA today and stay out there safe

Burbank faced Tinhorn Flats, the Old West-style bar and restaurant that consistently defy pandemic safety protocols Monday, city officials filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Supreme Court seeking them one Judges called for the restaurant to turn off electricity and lock its doors so they can enforce a closure order put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19

The owners of Tinhorn Flats previously opposed face mask mandates (although they eventually agreed to enforce them) and vowed to defy the ban on personal dining in restaurants

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News – USA – LA neighborhoods power blackout linked to a utility company
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