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Published: 2021-02-22 05:00:00
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Posted on 22 February 2021 at 5:00 am ESTUpdated May 22, 2021 February 2021 5:55 am European Summer Time

Editor’s Note: The following is Mary Ann Wolf’s “Final Word” February 20, 2021 broadcast on Education Matters: “A Qualified and Well-Prepared Headmaster in Every School” Wolf is President and Executive Director of the Public School Forum in North Carolina

A school principal is critical to establishing and building a school’s culture, vision, and approach to teaching and learning.A study commissioned by the Wallace Foundation found that school leadership was the second most important factor in a school after teacher effectiveness that affects student learning ”

When I think of schools in our state, there are so many dedicated, phenomenal principals who empower their teachers and know their students every day Like the leaders in the latest installment of Education Matters, they are brave, tireless, and our students deeply committed and we only see a small fraction of the work they do every day

This year has only exacerbated the challenges faced by school leaders and the complexity of running a school. When teachers, staff, families and students are discouraged or scared, it is our school leaders who lead the way and model how we can move forward together / p>

Recognizing the importance of the headmaster in each school, Leandro’s Short Term Action Plan provides “a system for developing and recruiting school principals that ensures that each school is run by a high quality headmaster who is provided with an early and continual professional Learning and Competitive Pay ”

The recommendations include steps to expand access to high quality primary preparatory programs, expand professional learning opportunities for current principals and alternate principals, and update preparatory and primary licensing requirements of the state school administrator to align program approval standards with effective practices / p>

We also need to keep improving the way we hire and retain our principals as we have seen fewer candidates for these positions in recent years. Our schools’ deputy principals have the potential to build the headmaster pipeline and we should work together to develop strategies on how to nurture this talent pool and identify additional strategies to attract and retain color candidates for the profession

North Carolina has significant programs including those described by NCPAPA today, the Northeast Leadership Academy, the NC. Principal Fellows Programs and programs at our universities that support educators in pursuing the Principalship

Taking into account and improving key working conditions is critical to optimizing learning conditions for our students. North Carolina has only been 50 in the past decade Having occupied its place in the country’s main allowance, it has worked to improve the allowance

BEST NC announces that we are now third in the Southeast; but we need to stay competitive We can do more to improve headmasters’ pay and incentivize school principals to run underperforming schools And we need to make sure school principals have the human and financial resources and tools they need to to attract high quality and well-prepared educators

We also need to restore retiree health benefits for school principals, teachers and all government employees as this vital recruiting tool was lost earlier this year, New Hiring According to Jan 1, 2021 will not look forward to retiring with government-subsidized health care, and we must work to regain that vital benefit for those entering the public service

Finally, we must acknowledge the complexities of the client’s role. School principals typically oversee 50 or more staff, and in many of our high schools even more

They guide their teachers and staff so that they have the resources and support they need to meet the needs of our students

They have sizable budgets and many stakeholders, including our students and families. School leaders make thousands of decisions every day that will affect the lives of our students

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News – USA – MARY ANN WOLF: A qualified, well-prepared headmistress in every school :: WRALcom
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MARY ANN WOLF: One Qualified, well-prepared headmaster in every school
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