News – USA – NBA Schedule Update: 10 Must-Watch Games Including Lakers vs. Clippers and an MVP Showdown


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Back in December, before the 2020-21 season began, the NBA took the rare step of only releasing half of the schedule Provide some flexibility in case games had to be postponed

That turned out to be a wise decision as more than two dozen games have had to be rescheduled to date due to various COVID-19 issues. Now that the All-Star hiatus and the end of the first half of the season approaches, the league has officially the second half of the schedule announced

It will take place from 10 March to 16 May take place The play-in tournament will take place from 18 until 21 May instead of From there, the playoffs run no later than 22 July Here’s a look at 10 must-see games:

The All-Star Game-Starter’s announcement was a little dramatic, and Luka Doncic received the nod from a tiebreaker about Damian Lillard. Watching Head Match After the Event And even if there’s no added drama, it’s always fun to watch these two stars do their thing

This game definitely wouldn’t have been on the list at the start of the season, but with the way things are going it’s suddenly a possible preview of the finals. Jazz has stunned everyone by being at the top of the list Western Conference has opened up a several-game lead, while the Nets added James Harden and are one of the best offensive units of all time

The MVP race is starting to warm up as we get to the middle of the season and two of the leading contestants are Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic Unfortunately, the first meeting between these teams was marked by a strange COVID-19 situation, so that they still haven’t met on the pitch but when they finally do we will all watch

Of course, that game had to be on the list. The season hasn’t gone quite according to plan for both teams due to injuries, but they’re still high on the Western Conference rankings, everyone should be healthy for this showdown in early April, what could have a significant impact on the playoff race

Currently there are only two teams in the NBA that are in the top 8 in the league for offensive, defensive and net scoring. You guessed it, the Jazz and the Suns Nobody would have predicted it in the season is coming, but these two teams were dynamite

Every Celtics-Lakers matchup is a must see on TV, especially when they have that much star power between them. Plus, the way the Celtics fell apart is especially fascinating when they get back up for that big test in April be on the right track or will they fight for a place in the playoffs?

This is another matchup that definitely wouldn’t have made the cut before the season, but the unexpected nature of the sport is a big part of why we love it so much! LaMelo Ball and Zach LaVine were two of the most entertaining players this season, as well have their clubs able to end their playoff droughts possibly

The Bucks have been good this year, but not quite as dominant as expected. And now they have a new power in the east: the Nets. Their first meeting was a thriller, and there’s little reason to expect otherwise when they turn out to be Meet again in early May Hopefully this will serve as a playoff preview

Chances are, this game doesn’t mean too much at this point However, if the leaderboard stays as it is now, it will have a massive impact on the playoffs. And if Zion Williamson and Steph Curry are involved, it deserves a spot on that list

There are busy nights on the NBA calendar, sometimes with around a dozen games, but it’s extremely rare for every team to be on the same day that’s what we’ll get on the last day of the regular season , and it will be fascinating to see how that plays out, especially with playoff spots and / or seeding on the line

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News – USA – NBA Schedule Update: 10 Must-Watch Games Including Lakers vs. Clippers and an MVP Showdown
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NBA Schedule Update: 10 Must-Watch Games Including Lakers vs. Clippers and an MVP Showdown
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