News – USA – New Jersey just legalized marijuana


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Voters voted to legalize marijuana in November, and now the governor and lawmaker have made it happen

New Jersey effectively legalized marijuana on Monday after voters voted to legalize marijuana in November’s general election

Gov Phil Murphy (D) signed several marijuana-related laws on Monday to legalize use for adults age 21 and older, lift penalties for small amounts of the drug, and create a regulated market

Murphy took office in 2018 after advocating for marijuana legalization, but the idea faced a bumpy road as state lawmakers debated whether and how legalization should ultimately be implemented Legislators put the issue in front of voters last November – and the electoral initiative won overwhelmingly with 67 percent support.Even then, legalization efforts stalled when Murphy and lawmakers discussed penalties for anyone under the age of 21 after the New Jersey legislature passed Having passed law that provided civil sanctions for anyone under the age of 21, Murphy eventually signed the entire line of legalization laws

“This process may have had its seizures and beginnings, but it ends in the right place,” Murphy said on Monday. “And I firmly believe that this process has ended in laws that will serve as a national model”

New Jersey Already Allowed the Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes The new laws expand legalization to include recreational and other non-medical purposes

Marijuana Remains Illegal Under Federal Law Starting with the administration of former President Barack Obama, the federal government has generally allowed states to legalize cannabis with minimal federal intervention

As of Monday, 14 states and Washington, DC have legalized recreational marijuana even though DC does not allow recreational sales (Voters in South Dakota voted in November for an election initiative to legalize cannabis, but the future of that move is uncertain as it is in Litigation is involved)

Proponents of legalization argue that it will undo the harms of the marijuana ban: the hundreds of thousands of arrests in the United States, the racial differences behind those arrests, and the billions of dollars flowing from the illegal marijuana black market to drug cartels that then get the money use for violent operations around the world.All of this, according to proponents of legalization, will outweigh any potential downsides – such as increased cannabis use – that might come with legalization

Opponents, meanwhile, claim that legalization will create a huge marijuana industry that will irresponsibly market the drug, citing America’s experience of the alcohol and tobacco industry, which built its financial empires largely on the backs of the heaviest consumers of its products And they argue that ending the ban could lead to far more people using pot, which could potentially lead to unforeseen negative health outcomes

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News – USA – New Jersey has just legalized marijuana
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