News – USA – New Maryland Lax Offensive Coordinator prepares for his first year on Maryland’s side of ‘The Rivalry’


In mid-January, the College of Holy Cross Maryland’s Assistant JL. Reppert as Head Lacrosse Coach Less than a month before the Terps season started, Maryland’s coach John Tillman needed to quickly find a new offensive coordinator to carry out an offense that could challenge program records in the COVID environment and under a compressed timeline found Tillman a household name from a nearby competitive program that was more than 600 miles away: Bobby Benson, who had spent 14 years as the offensive coordinator at Johns Hopkins University before Hopkins split from Dave Pietramala and his staff

While coaching at Hopkins, Benson helped lead the Blue Jays to three final fours and the 2007 national title.Recently stints at Loyola and UMBC as offensive coordinator, Benson played an attack at Johns Hopkins, where he made the team four consecutive Leading goalscoring seasons and finishing seventh on Hopkins’ all-time list For the third time in his coaching career – one each at Loyola and UMBC – Benson will train against his alma mater and former employer

“I came back to work in College Park and left my family in Atlanta to take part in the college game again because I saw the University of Maryland and its lacrosse program as being a place who is very interested in lacrosse”Said Benson” The University of Maryland is a great place to practice lacrosse It’s a great place to play lacrosse The players in the locker room are great people They work hard They take care of each other and they take care of the lacrosse Program ”

Benson is not the first former Hopkins player to leave Homewood Field to train in Maryland Current Albany head coach Scott Marr and Michigan head coach Kevin Conry made stops in Maryland as assistants before they Became head coach Benson reminded IMS that “Coach Slafkofsky probably spent 15 to 20 years here!” Referring to legendary Maryland defensive coordinator Dave Slafkosky. However, this weekend’s upcoming game will be a new coaching experience for Benson

“I think it’s very different this time,” explained Benson. “The last two times I trained against Hopkins, I trained against Dave Pietramala. He’s one of the best ever”

Benson also noted that Hopkins’ new coaching team, led by Peter Milliman, makes this match unique

“This is a Hopkins team that I know very little about outside of the staff,” Benson said. “It’s a different staff and a new world I think it’s just going to be very different from the last couple because of it Painting because there are many unknowns ”

Benson’s experience coaching the Terps made his transition to coaching the Terps easier. “The boys are hard workers, they love lacrosse,” Benson said of the Terps players

“After all, they’re great players. They do a great job and they did a great job before I was here. My job is to move the ship in the same direction.” Benson’s experience as coaching against the terps got the terps out also provides an added advantage as he has searched and prepared against the Terps and most of the current players on the Terrapins roster for several years”He’s using that experience to aid Maryland’s defense

“I’ve given a little glimpse into the things we’ve done in previous games. When the staff changes, things change a little every year,” Benson said while his knowledge of Maryland and its players made his transition less difficult than it could have been, COVID presented challenges that no one could have expected

“Without a doubt, COVID has made things more difficult for everyone down the line, especially in my situation,” Benson said. “I came to Loyola in January 2006 so I entered the middle of the year another time, but when I came into the practice for a couple of weeks and had so much success and talent, I don’t know how much COVID affects or doesn’t affect things because I’ve never done that before ”

Benson works hard to keep everyone on the same page, you can see this high level of communication, especially when the terps go the extra mile Benson often talks to players before they step on the field to give them a game or remind them of certain situations they might encounter. When asked for his thoughts before this weekend’s match, Benson thanked Hopkins for his time

“You know, I was very lucky to be with Hopkins. Coach Pietramala has been great for me,” said Benson. “I couldn’t be more grateful for my time there, but I think it’s different School and college and a very different lacrosse program than when I played 20 years ago as places evolved””

Benson is focused on making sure his offense is prepared to play against a team he believes will have the talent to fight for the Final Four

“Our boys know that we have to play well,” said Benson. “This is the team that was in the Big Ten championship game for the last time [2019] and lost by one in extra time”It’s the same core of kids who won the Big Ten Championship in 2018. We have to get to the point to play well”

“Once it’s game time it’s different years, different places,” he said, “Everyone’s trying to be a competitor and win the game that’s the goal”

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News – USA – New Maryland Lax Offensive Coordinator prepares for his first year on Maryland’s side of ‘The Rivalry’