News – USA – Newly Released US. The report blames the Saudi crown prince for killing Khashoggi


The publication of the report by the Biden administration was a sign that the new president will try to isolate Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

WASHINGTON – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia approved the plan for activists to assassinate journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 This comes from an intelligence report published earlier on Friday by the Biden government

Much of the evidence from the CThe ONE used to draw this conclusion remains classified, including records of Mr Khashoggi’s murder and dismemberment at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul obtained from Turkish intelligence, however, the report describes who carried out the killing, describes what Prince Mohammed said about the Operation knew and explains how the CION came to the conclusion that he ordered it and was responsible for Mr. Khashoggi’s death

The release of the report also signaled that unlike his predecessor, President Biden would not overturn the assassination of Mr Biden Khashoggi and his government intended to attempt to isolate the crown prince, although doing so avoids actions that would tie him to The kingdom would be endangered Administration officials said their goal was to recalibrate, not to break the relationship

The Biden government released a report on the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a sign that the new president will try to isolate Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia, which the American intelligence services have classified as the end of the planned assassination attempt became

The publication of the report marked the first time the US. The intelligence agencies have published their conclusions, and the declassified document is a powerful reprimand from Prince Mohammed, the de-factor ruler of Saudi Arabia and a close ally of the Trump administration, whose continued support provided him after Mr. Khashoggi’s assassination sparked international outrage

“We estimate that the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has approved an operation in Istanbul, Turkey, to catch or kill the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,” says Dr. Biden’s Director for National Intelligence, Avril D Haines

The four-page report contained only a few previously unknown important facts. It repeated the CIA Conclusion from the Fall of 2018 that Prince Mohammed criticized the assassination of Mr. Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist and legal permanent resident of Virginia, who criticized the Saudi government the report was written a year ago after Congress discussed the underlying findings had been informed, had passed a law requiring the clearance and publication of the conclusions of the secret services

But the released report may still shock, given the brutality of the assassination, Saudi officials lured Mr. Khashoggi to the consulate where they killed him and allegedly used a bone saw to cut up his body

Prince Mohammed saw Mr. Khashoggi as a threat and “largely aided by violent measures when necessary to silence him,” concluded the intelligence report. American intelligence agencies learned that Saudi officials were conducting an unspecified operation against Mr. Khashoggi, but the report said the United States did not find out when Saudi officials decided to harm him

Not a single piece of evidence in the report points to Prince Mohammed’s guilt.Instead, intelligence officials have long said smaller pieces of evidence combined with the C.The prince’s understanding of control of the kingdom led her to a trusting conclusion of his guilt

According to the report, Prince Mohammed “created an environment” in which his aides feared that failure to follow his instructions could lead to their arrest. “This suggests that the aides were unlikely to take orders from Mohammed bin Salman Asked a question or took sensitive action without his consent, “the report reads

The report not only describes Prince Mohammed’s guilt, but also lists 21 other people who were involved in the murder of Mr. Mohammed Khashoggi

These included members of a hit team that had flown from Saudi Arabia to Turkey, where they killed and dismembered him on October 2, 2018 after Saudi officials lured Mr. Khashoggi, who was looking for paperwork, to his Turkish Fiancé to marry, in the consulate of the Kingdom in Istanbul His body was never found

The hit team worked for the Saudi Center for Studies and Media Affairs under the direction of Saud al-Qahtani, a close advisor to the prince. The report found that Mr Qahtani had publicly said that he would leave without the prince’s consent Mohammed did not make any decisions

Even before the hit team – named Saudi Rapid Intervention Force in the report – Mr. Khashoggi, Prince Mohammed, approved a secret campaign to silence dissenters

Seven members of this unit belonged to the 15-person team that was named after Mr. Khashoggi in Istanbul, the report said. The involvement of the unit was important evidence of Prince Mohammed, the report said

The unit exists, according to the report, “in defense of the Crown Prince, only responds to him and directly participated in previous operations to suppress dissidents” at the direction of Prince Mohammed. “We believe that members of the RIF without the consent of Muhammad bin Salman did not take part in the operation against Khashoggi, “says the report

Government Announces Comprehensive Sanctions Against Unity While previous governments have taken steps against units of partner states involved in human rights abuses, it is unusual to take this step against close partner nations like Saudi Arabia

Under the human rights law known as the Leahy Amendments, the United States banned military units from Pakistan and Indonesia from receiving American aid based on records of abuse

Representative Adam B Schiff, Democrat of California and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said in the intelligence services assessment, “there is no escaping this stark truth.” “This report underscores why the repeated claims made by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that he was either ignorant or not Involved in this heinous crime, in no way believable, “he said

Before the report was released, Mr. Biden spoke to King Salman of Saudi Arabia. Although the White House’s official description of the call did not say the two men were discussing the report, other officials said the purpose of the discussion was for Mr Biden to explain why he published the results and to outline the next steps the administration will take The administration has made it clear that Mr Biden will only speak to King Salman, his counterpart as head of state, and not directly to the Crown Prince

Whether the new administration’s attempt to bypass the 35-year-old crown prince and only deal with his 84-year-old and often sick father will be successful remains to be seen, senior officials said, while Prince Mohammed is not welcome in the United States , however, they could not break off all discussions between him and the administration

Mr Biden campaigned for a pledge to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for human rights abuses, and the Biden government has already acted more cautiously on the Saudi government by limiting arms sales and ending all support for the Kingdom’s war in Yemen. p>

Senator Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the United States had not previously held Saudi Arabia accountable. “I am encouraged to see the new administration take steps to do this correct by bringing this overdue, Congress-mandated report into his assassination, “said Mr. Said Warner

Hatice Cengiz, Mr. Khashoggi’s fiancée has sued Prince Mohammed and other Saudi officials in American courts under the 1991 Torture Victims Protection Act

The Turkish secret service has a tape from Mr. Khashoggi’s interrogation and killing, which they played for Gina Haspel, then for the CiA director Not long afterwards, the agency notified lawmakers that it had concluded that Prince Mohammed was to blame for the murder

Since the recording was collected from Turkey, an allied country, it was not in the power of the C.ichA To downgrade a transcript of the record, at least not without the blessing of Ankara, current and former officials said

The report was not expected to officially confirm other details of the murder, such as the hit team’s use of a bone saw, the assassins’ request to convey a message to Prince Mohammed that their mission was complete, or that of the Crown Prince earlier Threats to use a bullet to kill Mr. Khashoggi

Such details are part of the mosaic of facts that have led the C.I.ON In closing, Prince Mohammed gave the order to Mr. Khashoggi But the entire set of facts of the CiA According to American officials, the classification of information and secret-gathering methods in the Kingdom remains classified to draw the agency’s conclusions

According to Mr. Khashoggi’s murder became public, Saudi officials tried to divert the guilt from the Crown Prince The Saudi government has linked to Mr Khashoggi’s death, which it attempted mostly in secret, although originally five were sentenced to death after one of Mr Khashoggi’s sons said he and his Siblings would have forgiven the men who killed their father A Saudi court reduced the sentences to prison terms

In November 2018, President Donald J. Trump released a statement filled with exclamation marks that was inconsistent and open at the same time, aiming to address Mr. Khashoggi’s murder and continuation of his close relationship with the Saudi government, Mr. Speaking about the importance of arms sales and the threat posed by Iran, Trump said Prince Mohammed’s involvement was uncertain. “Our intelligence services continue to evaluate all information,” said Mr. Trump wrote: “But it could very well be that the Crown Prince was aware of this tragic event – maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”

The statement was misleading at best during the CichEIN As early as mid-October 2018, agency officials had established that Prince Mohammed was guilty, and the following month the agency informed Congress that it was confident of issuing the order, Mr. Khashoggi, the conclusion that the newly published report confirms more than two years later

In 2019, Congress passed a measure requiring the executive branch to present an unclassified report to lawmakers on Dr Khashoggi’s death and the intelligence services’ conclusions The Trump administration never obeyed

But during last month’s confirmation hearing for Avril D Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, asked if she would hand over the unclassified report

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News – USA – Newly released US. The report blames the Saudi crown prince for killing Khashoggi