News – USA – Omaha Mayor’s husband found dead ‘from self-inflicted gunshot wound’


Posted: 22:59 GMT, 5 March 2021 | Updated: 23:39 GMT, 5 March 2021

Police in Omaha are investigating after the husband of 67-year-old Mayor Jean Stothert dies from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the house

Dr Joseph Stothert, 72, was found dead in the family home and the police were called at 1:54 p.m. for the shooting

The mayor is safe after the incident, KETV reported, and the gunshot wounds appear to have self-inflicted

“The mayor is safe and no foul suspected,” Officer Phil Anson said in an email to WOWT

The husband of the Mayor of Omaha, Jean Stothert, Dr Joe Stothert died Friday from an apparent self-bowed gunshot wound

The entrance to the Mayor’s Gate St Andrew’s Pointe area in southwest Omaha was blocked by an Omaha police cruiser

Officers from the Omaha Police Department were called home at 1:54 pm for a shoot

“It is with great sadness that we today share the tragic loss of Joe Stothert with family, friends and our loving community,” the statement reads

‘Joe’s commitment and affection for all who mattered to him is a bright light of human kindness that we can all follow. Our family asks your prayers at this very difficult time, we will need them’

Sources of several fire and law enforcement agencies report 6 News that the mayor’s husband, Dr Joe Stothert was found dead outside her house on Friday afternoon. Details are developing at WOWTcom

The family continued, “We also ask for privacy so that our family can grieve and remember an extraordinary and caring husband, father and grandfather ‘

Numerous honors have been paid to the renowned doctor, including a statement from Dan Welch, Chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party and former Omaha City Councilor

‘Deepest condolences to Mayor Stothert and her family Our prayers are with you,’ Welch said in the statement

US. Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican, said in a statement: “Our thoughts and prayers go with Mayor Stothert and her family at this very sad time. ‘

The family of Dr Joe Stothert, left, posted a statement praising his “dedication and affection for all who are important to him.”

Jean Stothert, left, and her husband Joe were married for 40 years before he died on Friday

The entrance to the Mayor’s Gate St Andrew’s Pointe neighborhood in southwest Omaha was blocked by an Omaha police cruiser Friday afternoon, the Omaha World-Herald reported

Stothert, a board certified intensive care physician, worked on several high-profile trauma cases at Nebraska Medicine, the outlet reported,

He was medical director for the Omaha Fire Department’s paramedic training program for 18 years and was named state medical director for trauma in 2002, the Omaha World-Herald reported

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News – USA – Husband of the Mayor of Omaha found dead ‘due to self-inflicted gunshot wound’
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