News – USA – Police are preparing to lift evacuation and protection orders for downtown Boulder following a bomb threat


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Police evacuating downtown Boulder after reported bombing raid
Shelter in Place Order for the area around Boulder& # 39; s Pearl Street Mall as police investigate bomb threat
investigation Suspicious parcels in Boulder&’s Pearl Street Mall Ongoing shelter-in-place order sent on the spot
Boulder Police force a mandatory on-site protection order near Pearl Street Mall on Thursday morning
Mandatory protection on site in Boulder&s Pearl Street Mall after reported bomb danger
Boulder Police issue protection due to unconfirmed bomb hazard near Pearl Street Mall
Shelter-In-Place issued for Pearl Street Mall
The police are preparing to lift the evacuation, protection orders for downtown Boulder after the bomb threat
Boulder Po lice: Suspicious packages near Pearl Street Mall pose no threat
Boulder police give the all-clear after officers investigate the bombing near Pearl Street Mall