News – USA – Pretty strange parents creator Butch Hartman accused of plagiarism


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Lan Pitts
on 23 February 2021 at 9:33 a.m. PST

Artist Butch Hartman, the creator of several Nickelodeon shows like the Fairly Odd Parents, TUF.F. Puppy and Danny Phantom Accused of Plagiarizing Art by Japanese Artist Hartman, who charged up to $ 200 on commission, was accused of pursuing his play Attack on Titan character Mikasa Ackerman by a Twitter artist named 028ton have

I received the report that my fan art was plagiarized, I checked the tweets and found a lot of similarities to my work. In addition, there was a chance that money was being made which is why I urge your attention ↓ Continued

“You do not have permission to use the illustrations,” the artist tweeted, “If you see products using the same artwork in the future, please do not purchase them”

Butch Hartman was soon trending on Twitter, and over 70000 tweets talked about him – it was even pointed out that Hartman had been accused of this in the past. Older cases of Hartman’s plagiarism re-emerged, including the persecution of Ran-chan of Urusei Yatsura

Despite the comparisons and multiple allegations, Hartman neither commented nor deleted the artwork by Mikasa at this point in time

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News – United States – Pretty strange parents creator Butch Hartman accused of plagiarism