News – USA – Public Health Department opens vaccines to anyone over 16


Cars line up at Madera Department of Health’s drive-through vaccination event on Saturday.More than 300 vaccinations have been received and the department plans to distribute another 480 on Saturday Until then, up to 600 vaccinations can be carried out if that many can be registered

The Madera County Department’s Public Health Department (MCDPH) is expanding eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines from Jan. April to all persons over the age of 16

As part of this new expansion, anyone 16 and older living or working in Madera County can register for and receive a vaccine

Eligible candidates can register for a variety of dates next week at Madera County’s Health and Social Services campus (1604 Sunrise), Valley Children’s Hospital, or Madera Fairgrounds. Registration for any of these sites can be completed at www become Maderacountycom / covid19vaccine or call 311 Eligibility for the vaccine may differ at other locations within the county such as pharmacies or other providers

Governor Newsom announced nationwide that vaccines would be discontinued from Jan. Madera County is ahead of the state to maximize vaccine availability

“By spreading this vaccine as widely as possible in our community, we can achieve our goal of containing COVID-19,” said Simon Paul, M, MCDPH Heath OfficerD said “We urge everyone who can get the vaccine to do so. This is the best way to protect your family and friends from the virus”

In order to register for an appointment via the nationwide MyTurn system, users should select the button for the age range “50-64” on the first page with information about the authorization of MyTurn. This is required due to a limitation of this system then enter your actual date of birth, occupation and other information into the MyTurn below. Eligibility for persons 16 years and older is only valid for vaccination centers in Madera County

Residents aged 16 and 17 can receive Pfizer vaccine Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are currently only approved for use by those aged 18 and over. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the time of their appointment

Visit wwwMaderacountycom / covid19vaccine for more information and regular updates. If you have any questions, please use the community feedback form or call Madera County 311

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News – United States – Public Health Division opens vaccines to everyone over the age of 16
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