News – USA – Scoop: DOJ, FTC informs Hill about Google, Facebook suits


The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission will inform the House Antitrust Subcommittee today of the antitrust cases against Google and Facebook a memo from Axios

What happens: The staff of the members of the subcommittee on antitrust law will be informed of the lawsuits by telephone by the DOJ and the FTC on Wednesday afternoon

Why It Matters: Agencies keep lawmakers working on technical antitrust issues informed as their cases slowly advance, signaling that the change in administration has not prevented progress

Background: The Federal Trade Commission sued Facebook in December, accusing it of illegally suppressing competition by buying out its rivals. The Justice Department sued Google last October for an alleged search monopoly

What’s next? The committee is holding a series of hearings on the competition after issuing a comprehensive report last year with recommendations for legislation

Facebook said Monday it entered into a deal with Australian lawmakers to pay local publishers for their news content after the government finally agreed to change some of the provisions in their new media code

Why It Matters: The deal ends Facebook’s temporary ban on sharing news links on its platform in the country, with data showing that the link-sharing ban led to a drop in news traffic in the region.

Presidents now have a harder time getting Senate approval for their cabinet selection Axios data analysis of votes for and against candidates was found

Why It Matters: It’s Not Just Neera Tanden The trend is a product of increasing polarization, tougher political discourse, and decreasing Senate majorities, experts say.This means that some of the country’s key federal agencies are on a leader and waive the associated legislative authority

Migrants Cross the Rio Bravo to Get to El Paso, Texas Photo: Herika Martinez / AFP via Getty Images

More than 700 children who entered the US from Mexico without their parents were in border protection custody on Sunday, according to an internal customs and border protection document received from Axios

Why It Matters: The current backup is another sign of a brewing crisis for President Biden – and a worsening dilemma for these vulnerable children Biden finds it easier to talk about preventing child storage on the southern border, than solving the problem

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News – USA – Scoop: DOJ, FTC Briefing Hill on Google, Facebook fits