News – USA – Sean Hannity on Rush Limbaugh’s death: “No one can replace this man”


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Sean Hannity joins Mark Levin on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin ‘to remember conservative broadcast titans

Fox News presenters Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, two giants of conservative talk radio, discussed the legacy of Rush Limbaugh in the Sunday edition of “Life, Liberty & Levin”

“I have a hard time getting into the fact that we will not hear his voice on any major political issue,” said Hannity of Limbaugh, who died Wednesday at the age of 70 due to complications from lung cancer / p>

“I have a hard time understanding what this means,” added the Hannity host, “No one can replace this man, Mark”

Hannity added, “We have all improved our game because we just lost a man who led the movement for over 30 years and we all have to do better because he wants us to do that””


Levin said he wanted viewers to know that Limbaugh “was a normal guy, but he also stood up for people in many ways””

“If you read the New York Times, the Washington Post and hear all the hate media, they never hired Rush,” Levin continued. “You never discussed Rush, you never understood Rush, you didn’t want to understand Rush, you tried him They’re trying to destroy today These people we don’t careThese people are in their own sick little bubble and sick little world They do this to all of our greats, Reagan or Rush or Trump or whoever “

Later on the show, Hannity pondered Limbaugh’s “dire diagnosis” of Stage IV lung cancer, which the station released in February 2020

“We knew that day was coming, unfortunately,” he said, “We wish it wouldn’t We prayed for a miracle But Rush’s bucket list – and the audience, I hope they understand – it wasn’t a trip around the world It was wasn’t Rocky Mountain climbing or skydiving or bull riding “

“His bucket list was his audience,” Hannity continued. “He would go through these treatments that almost killed him because I know people who have had chemotherapy and cancer treatments like this – especially advanced cancer – who almost kill you to save you, or almost kill you to buy you time and that was the last year of his life And when he was doing well enough, even if he really wasn’t good enough, it was his time how he wanted to spend it, with his audience That was his choice The people who listened to him, that was the top and only item on his bucket list

“I mean, that speaks volumes to me about how much he loved what he did,” he concluded, “He was born for this Nobody did it better Nobody will do it better”

Limbaugh’s widow Kathryn announced the death of her husband during his eponymous radio show on Wednesday On Friday, deputy host Mark Steyn announced that Kathryn Limbaugh would be on the air on Monday, taking calls from listeners to pay tribute to her late husband

“How’s this weekend going,” said Steyn, “mourn Rush, but look forward to a great American life that is well lived”

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News – USA – Sean Hannity ponders Rush Limbaugh’s death: ‘No one can replace this man’