News – USA – Spencer Jones, Oklahoma recipient, nearly loses sight after the bathroom in the bar was knocked down


Spencer Jones, a broad receiver for Oklahoma, messed with the wrong person and almost paid for it with one eye

Jones got into a bar brawl and took in the worst of it, absorbed shots in the face and was put down in a stranglehold.The man he fought was a trained wrestling and mixed martial arts fighter, according to his brother, who too was involved in the Fracas at Logies on the Corner in Norman, Oklahoma

It is unclear what exactly started the fight. Jones was heard screaming, “Get out of here!” before blows started to fly

“Dr [Perry] Brooks came out of this operation and said he was extraordinarily lucky at the time that he didn’t lose the eye entirely, “attorney Woodrow” Woody “Glass told the student newspaper

“And so he was able to do a few things surgically to rebuild that eye socket, and believes everything will eventually return to normal, but it will take a while to fully recover””

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