News – USA – Student used George Floyd as Sadie Hawkins Dance Invite


The sick George Floyd Valentine’s Day gag in LEIN found legs and went on to Nevada, where a student used a twisted line as a Sadie Hawkins dance invitation

This photo was recently taken on a Foothill High School sports field in Henderson, NV – not far outside of Vegas. It shows a student holding up a placard asking someone to be her date for the Sadie dance / p>

The poster has a handwritten note and a rough drawing of Floyd The script reads: “If you went to SADIES with me, it would take my breath away! George Floyd”

The Clark County School District says it is investigating the matter, and Foothill posted the same message on its website: “Foothill and CCSD do not tolerate racially insensitive behaviors that contradict an inclusive community and affect our students’ school culture.” p>

This is in the same way as a Valentine’s Day with George Floyd’s photo shared among LAPD officials – headed, “They take my breath away” Someone reported it to higher authorities and it is currently being investigated, LAPD said also, it has zero tolerance for such behavior

No photos of the alleged Valentine have surfaced, but it’s clear the “joke” is well known and popping up in various formats among teenagers and adults who should know better

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News – USA – Student uses George Floyd as Sadie Hawkins Dance Invite
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