News – USA – Supreme Court denies Trump’s final offer to block financial records from being published


The former president’s accountants become the records he has tried for years to shield New York attorneys

WASHINGTON â ???? The Supreme Court on Monday denied a final attempt by former President Donald J Trump to protect his financial records and issued a brief, unsigned order requiring Mr. Trump’s accountants to hand over his taxes and other records to prosecutors in New York. p>

The court order was a decisive defeat for Mr. Trump, who went to extraordinary lengths to keep his tax returns and related documents secret

The case concerned a subpoena from Mr. Trump’s accountant, Mazars USA, from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Cyrus R Vance jrBeing a Democrat company has announced it will abide by the courts’ final ruling, which means the grand jury should receive the documents in a short time

Under the grand jury’s rules of secrecy, it would normally be unclear when the public would see the information, if at all.But the New York Times has more than two decades of tax return data from Mr. Trump and his companies, and it recently published a number of articles about them

Mr Trump, the articles read, has suffered significant losses, has enormous debts that he has a personal obligation to repay, and has only 750 US dollars in 11 of the 18 years that The Times saw in both 2016 and 2017. Dollar studied and paid, avoided paying federal income taxes

The scope of Mr. Vance’s investigation remains unclear.This came in part from an investigation by his office into hush money payments to two women who said they were doing business with Mr. Trump, relationships that the president has denied, however, court records from prosecutors suggested they are also investigating potential crimes such as tax and insurance fraud

The subpoena has been looking for tax records and financial statements since 2011, hiring agreements with the accountants who created them, the underlying financial data, and information about how the data was analyzed

In July, the Supreme Court rejected Mr. Trump’s key constitutional argument against the subpoena that prosecutors were unable to investigate a seated president

“No citizen, not even the president, is categorically above the general duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal case”Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr wrote for the majority in this decision

Although Judges Clarence Thomas and Samuel A Alito Jr Deviating from all aspects of the decision, all nine judges approved this proposal

“A president can enjoy the same protections that are available to any other citizen,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote, that includes the right to challenge the subpoena on grounds permitted under state law This usually includes bad faith and inappropriate burden or breadthâ ????

Mr Trump did just that, but his arguments were dismissed by a trial judge and a unanimous three-judge panel of the New York federal appeals court

“All documents produced as part of the Mazars subpoena would be protected from publication by the grand jury’s confidentiality rules”The panel said in an unsigned statement:” This greatly reduces the plausibility of the claim that the prosecutor is acting out of a desire to embarrass the president”â ????

“There is nothing to suggest” The panel added the information sought: “These are far from ordinary documents that are normally relevant to a grand jury investigation into possible financial or corporate misconduct”â ????

Mr Trump’s lawyers then filed an “emergency motion” asking the Supreme Court to stand up for him. It asked the court to block the Court of Appeal’s decision while deciding whether to seek another appeal from Mr. Trump

“While disclosure of his papers is limited to prosecutors and grand jurors, the status quo can never be restored if confidentiality is destroyed”The letter said But the damage will be beyond irreparable if the records are released publicly. It will be case-shooting – the best possible base for a stay”

In response to that, Mr Vances has attorneys ???? including Carey R Dunne, who first argued the case; Walter E. Dellinger III, a former acting United States attorney general in the Clinton administration; and Michael R Dreeben, a former longtime assistant attorney general and member of the team that Robert S supported Müller III In the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections â ???? referred to the Times article The Cat, they said, was out of your pocket

“The New York Times received its tax filing data and detailed that data in a series of articles”Mr Vance’s letter said” With the details of his tax returns now public, the claimant’s alleged confidentiality interests have been severely weakened, if they survive at all”And even assuming that there is still something left, you cannot justify any extraordinary relief from this court, which would withhold the grand jury the facts that are available to anyone who reads the pressâ ????

“???? This litigation has already significantly hampered the grand jury’s investigation”The letter said” There is no legal basis for the extraordinary relief the applicant is requesting “or remotely warranting the further delayâ ????

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News – US – Supreme Court denies Trump’s final offer to block financial records