News – USA – Vanessa Bryant tears gentle mill over Kobe Bryant Lyric


Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant calls out Meek Mill for his “extremely insensitive and irreverent” verse in his new song

Earlier this week, an excerpt from a track titled “Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe)” starring Meek and Lil Baby was leaked. The song allegedly contains the lyrics, “If I ever miss it, I’ll go with my choppa out, it’s another kobe””

After the snippet leaked, Meek immediately felt the heat from the fans, who were upset with his lyrics. A lot of people felt disrespectful to Kobe and his family

Vanessa posted a screenshot of the lyrics from Meeks Track. She wrote: “Dear @meekmill, I find this line extremely insensitive and disrespectful period. I don’t know any of your music, but I think you can do better if you’re a fan , what better way to show your admiration for my husband, who lacks respect and tact “

Fans supported Vanessa in the Meek controversy. Her followers wrote Kobe’s widow words of encouragement on social media

One person asked, “Why did it take Kobe’s widow to fight Meek? NBA players swear they are immersed in music culture”:

“Meek definitely has no real friends if they really sat there and let him drop a verse that says,” Yeah, and if I ever miss it I’ll go out on my helicopter, it’s another Kobe “said one disgruntled fan

One Kobe fan said Meek spelled wrong: “How did no one at school tell me they were crazy about this Kobe bar?” “

“Vanessa Bryant says she is unfamiliar with your music, which means that Kobe never said, ‘Yeah, turn on the new Meek’ in the house, humiliating that he could have sat there and had his food and never knew that he’s not on the Bean playlist, “said another

Others were confused about why Meek would go there in the first place “I feel so bad for Vanessa She only mourns Kobe &

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News – USA – Vanessa Bryant tears up Meek Mill over Kobe Bryant Lyric