Panic in Property: What Real Estate Agents are Doing to Stay Afloat


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The pandemic has affected every industry in unprecedented ways and raises multiple unique issues for real estate. Real estate agents may have a difficult time meeting with clients, following up leads, or facilitating open houses during the lockdown. 

Even with these multiple roadblocks, it’s still possible to maintain and attract potential clients while observing social distancing and public health measures by doing the following.

Finding leads and converting them to potential customers is the bread and butter of the real estate business. Still, it can be challenging to follow up on leads without a competent and automated resource. According to Follow Up Boss, follow up stops after the first contact – but it doesn’t have to end after initial contact. 

Instead, you can leverage technology to assist you in responding to new leads and send notifications and reminders to agents that help make their day less stressful. Lead software will automatically send emails and texts instantly to agents throughout the day.

You can keep social distancing in effect while communicating through social media. Since most of us are staying at home, we’re spending more time on the internet. Use this time to improve your social engagement on your real estate page by updating followers on the latest news, lifestyle tips, or community updates related to your business.

If you stay connected to your potential buyers throughout the pandemic, you’ll have an easier time generating leads when things go back to normal. When a family wants to buy a house, they’re more likely to remember the active social media influencer.

Speaking to your social media followers is always a net positive, but Instagram’s content is more focused on pictures rather than words. On a blog, you can write and publish long form content that offers tips and advice on various real estate issues like how to save on utilities, how to do easy home repairs, and more.

If you haven’t started a blog, you should do so as soon as possible. Not only does it make you a trusted source in your community by providing practical advice, but it also brings clicks to your website, which can help you generate and nurture leads.

Depending on how high traffic your home showing is, you could be putting yourself at risk of contracting coronavirus. As people are encouraged to stay home, it’s now impossible to look at a property in person anyway, but a virtual tour can give potential buyers an inside look at the property without them having to pay for a private showing. 

It’s still possible to hire a professional videographer or photographer if you can’t make it to the property yourself. You can then spend more time focusing on your blog and social media presence so you can find more leads and potential customers.

A lackluster listing information page could cause many unnecessary calls and text throughout the day because your client requires more information on the home. Since an in-person showing isn’t possible, you can’t just entice buyers into the house anymore – you need to give an accurate description of the property to receive serious inquires during the lockdown.

Add more information to help clients better understand the properties features. Include better quality pictures of the home or a 3D view of every nook and cranny that would typically be shown off during regular showings. It will also help your listing stand out.

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