PlayStation 5: Australian Price, Release Date, Pre-Order Confirmed [Updated]


Mere months out from release, Sony has finally confirmed pricing and availability for the PlayStation 5.

Update 7:21 a.m. AEST 17/9: The PlayStationAU Twitter account has now confirmed Australian pricing for the console.

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 will launch at $599.95 in Australia while the flagship PlayStation 5 model will launch at $749.95.

PRE-ORDERS FOR THE CONSOLE ARE NOW LIVE: You can already pre-order the PlayStation 5 at EB Games but you’ll need to get in quick.

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 will launch at $US399.99 ($547) while the flagship PlayStation 5 model will launch at $US499.99 ($684).

The console will launch on November 12 in Australia and other select regions around the world. It will launch on November 19 in other parts of the world.

Given current conversion rates and the usual inflation rates around consoles, we can only guess what this price will equate to in Australia.

Around $550 – $650 for the digital edition of the console is a solid guess, while the flagship console is likely to debut closer to the $700-$750 range.

In comparison, the all-digital Xbox Series S will cost $499 in Australia, while the Xbox Series X will cost $749.

With how competitive PlayStation will want to be, we can probably expect a $749 price point in line with the flagship Xbox Series X price. Stay tuned for exact confirmation of an Australian price, though.

The November 12 release date comes only two days after the Xbox Series S/X consoles will launch, so it looks set to be a massive week for gaming.

While launch titles are still up in the air, the recent showcase did confirm day one launches for Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and Fortnite. We can also expect the games from the PlayStation Plus Collection to land at this time, although details on the new service are currently scarce.

Will you be picking up the PlayStation 5 when it lands? Will you be picking up the Xbox Series X? Maybe you’ll be picking up both. It’ll be a massive investment, but with so many fantastic games coming, it might just be worth it.

Great coverage Leah. Yes pretty excited for the PS5 and will be ordering one at launch.

Don’t see how you could do better really! Thank you for this extremely timely and handy.

PlayStation Plus collection is a good answer to Xbox Game Pass.
Some of the best games from Last Gen available day 1!
Surprised at the games that’ll be console exclusive so early on.
Everything looked beautiful and I’m sure Sony still has more to share. Love it.

I totally agree, the PlayStation Plus Collection is a super worthwhile service and I’m keen to see more about it!

It’s such a simple answer in retrospect. I don’t know why they didn’t do it sooner. I guess the timing is around trying to make it seem new instead of the status quo, as a selling point.

Up until this point, with no exciting exclusives either side, cross-platform defaults, and nearly-identical hardware, xszxboxsxzxzsx had been edging ahead on the value proposition of game pass.

Thing that’s got me curious is how Sony’s going to commit to the ‘Plus Collection’. Is it just going to be the big marquee titles that so many of us already own anyway, or are they going to bring in some of the tasty, tasty indies that makes gamepass more worthwhile to me?

So can someone explain this? A service that let’s you download ps4 games? Does it cost money? Can I just put my ps4 disc into my ps5? Do I even need this new service?

Kinda? Most are already in the PS ecosystem for PS exclusives, of which most of us bought with PS4.

Hmm….I though the ps5 would have to have been cheaper than the Series X. I’m a PlayStation guy, but the Series X sure is tempting now. Or even more tempting is a new 3000 series card.

The hardware is not identical. There are pros and cons for both consoles but if anything I thought the ps5 would be more expensive simply due to the fact that Microsoft can more easily afford to lose money on console sales.

$749 is a bit steep for me, even if it that is a normal/expected price. I’d have picked one up for $550 if that was the flagship price. Price aside, the issue for me is the backward compatibility. I would want to be able to play our PS4 discs on the PS5 so wouldn’t go for the digital only. Which is why Xbox Series S might be more tempting for me in the short term, because with Xbox I don’t have any old games, so digital only would be ok.

Oh my days that Final Fantasy 16 reveal. Yoshi P as the Producer, pretty sure I heard some Soken in the soundtrack there too. So excited for this!

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