Ramaphosa, level 2 & Eskom: Mzansi calls for government to #PutSAFirst


A day after it was revealed that SA might move to lockdown level 2, Eskom announced rolling blackouts across the country, prompting many South Africans to vent on Twitter.

Even though President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the country this week on updates regarding the coronavirus pandemic, his name has reached the top trends list as South Africans call for change to the lockdown restrictions.

Yes #PutSouthAfricaFirst but then it looks like there’s nothing they have for us, as people and citizens of this land we ought to unite and build our own economy. We need to start thinking about how can we do it on our own. pic.twitter.com/1j5m7d7iMr

We should never have a doubt about being one of the best nations in the world, we should brag about it to an extent we are annoying to everyone that is selfish of our country and nation. #PutSouthAfricaFirst

President @cryilramaphosa plz can u try #PutSouthAfricaFirst Sans are suffering…think about the youth of @RSA pic.twitter.com/Rb6PJQQAC0

The government likes selling us dreams. I remember when Ramaphosa said we would not have loadsheddibg during lockdown #Loadshedding pic.twitter.com/BpvVUH6nxm

Imagine if Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC government were as obsessed about fixing Eskom as they are about banning alcohol and cigarettes. The right people would be arrested for starters.

Ramaphosa fooled South Africans under the Thuma Mina Scam Today I want to say #VoetsekRamaphosa ! pic.twitter.com/IIzWtwDTn2

Read more at the SA government’s online coronavirus portal or use the 24-hour public hotline: 0800 029 999

Source: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2020-08-13-ramaphosa-level-2–eskom-mzansi-calls-for-government-to-putsafirst/

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Actu monde – ZA – Ramaphosa, level 2 & Eskom: Mzansi calls for government to #PutSAFirst


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