Rocksteady hints at brand new DC Suicide Squad game by posting a Superman image


DC fans, the time has finally come. Your wishes have come true, and it’s not even Christmas yet. Rocksteady Games, the studio behind the immensely popular Batman Arkham games, has finally confirmed it’s working on a new DC game, and it might focus on Superman.

The gaming world has been waiting for some kind of announcement like this for many, many months, years even, when rumours first started springing up online that Rocksteady was leaving the Arkham series to build a new Superman game.

The developer has been teasing all sorts of new content over the last few months on its Twitter account, but now the company has released an official image of The Man of Steel and the hashtag #SuicideSquadGame.

From just the image alone, it’s hard to figure out if this will be the Superman single player game we have all been dreaming about, or if it will focus more on the Suicide Squad, but now we can spend the next few months rampantly speculating on what we will be getting.

To be honest, it would be incredibly weird to call your Superman game, « Suicide Squad:. Conversely, it’s just as odd to announce your new Suicide Squad game with an image of Superman, but what do we know?

From all of the teases, which have included allusions to the Court of Owls, most gamers were betting on a new Batman game that tackled that popular comic series, and we may still be getting that, as Rocksteady has been teasing Gotham Knights as a potential thing too – though we don’t know if this is a separate game, or part of this Suicide Squad game.

However, Warner Bros Montreal is reportedly working on that exact Batman game, so maybe we will be getting two new games and the beginning of the formation of the Justice League in the video game universe with the video-game origins of both Batman and Superman.

Other hashtags have pointed to this Superman-centric game being called Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which gives us the 18-rated, bloody, gory chills that we want from a game like this. But again, we can’t figure out where Superman comes into this?

The image has a cross-hair-type logo on Superman’s lusciously powerful head, and his eyes appear to be glowing red –the classic comic-book sign that he is evil and out to rule the world– but does this mean we will be playing as the squad in an attempt to take him out? Or do we side with him to help him seize control?

The official Suicide Squad Game Twitter account is now live, so you can go ahead and follow it to catch all the latest info.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Suicide Squad, they’re a ragtag group of criminals and super-villains who are sent on various suicide (titular) missions in order to pay their debt to society.

The movies have seen mixed reception among fans, and it has been a tough road for DC to lift up their projects in the cinematic universe, so we are hoping they can find some solace (fortress of) in the gaming world.

The members of the Squad have changed over the years – with popular features like Deadshot and Harley Quinn already featuring in the movies – but they’ve also included Captain Boomerang, Doctor Light, Enchantress, Bronze Tiger, Killer Frost, The Joker and Poison Ivy, so who knows who we will be seeing in this new game.

Regardless, we now have something new and in the shape of Superman to get excited by. You should expect a full reveal on August 22 during DC FanDome, so keep that date free for all the latest updates.

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