Sixers podcast: Ben Simmons’ defense / coaching search / CP3 trade


In this week’s episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast, Uriah Young and Christopher Kline sift through the past week’s news relating to the Philadelphia 76ers, starting out with a positive report about Ben Simmons. In the recent selection of the NBA’s top defensive players, Ben Simmons was picked as a member of the all-defensive first team. Feelings about his new achievement are discussed and whether or not he could possibly be the league MVP one day.

From there, the pod turns to a comment that Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant shared on J.J. Redick’s podcast. The former league MVP shared that the Sixers’ high personnel turnover rate has not been helpful to the development of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Does Durant have a point? Should Elton Brand pay attention to what Durant said as the team seeks to improve in the offseason? Uriah and Christopher add their thoughts to the conversation about a lack of success due to a revolving door of players coming in and out of Philadelphia.

The podcast then transitions to the news of two big name coaches becoming available for hire. Since getting knocked out of the playoffs, Billy Donovan and Mike D’Antoni have made it known that they want to try coaching another team. Could either coach be a good fit for the Philadelphia 76ers? Would they even want to inherit an underachieving team that has had its fair share of drama over recent years?

Lastly, the discussion heads in the direction of a player who could made a real difference for the Sixers. Chris Paul is likely to be on the trading block, and the 76ers would become a top contender should Elton Brand make the right moves. Uriah and Christopher talk about what he would bring to the team and what trade pieces would land Chris Paul on the Sixers.

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