Suri Cruise Flees Katie Holmes, Headed To Tom Cruise?


Suri Cruise has gone missing. One tabloid reports that Katie Holmes’s daughter is fed up with her mother’s public displays of affection and is headed to her father Tom Cruise’s home in Florida. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to Woman’s Day, Cruise is fed up with her mother’s new relationship with chef Emilio Vitolo. Cruise and Holmes used to go “out and about together almost daily.” Vitolo being around has led one source to speculate “Suri probably can’t stomach the sight of them kissing on every street corner.” Cruise “has a fascination with her father,” and “a smart child like her could find her way down there.”

“Suri is sick of her mom acting like a lovestruck teenager,” the tabloid says. Tom is “rubbing his hands together” at this prospect. An insider says, “he has never gotten over how Katie managed to take his daughter away.” Holmes’s friends tell the tabloid “they hope she’s not missing key signs in her child while she’s swept up in a whirlwind of lust.”

Gossip Cop hesitates to even call this article a bait-and-switch because the title and article itself have nothing to do with each other. The headline “Suri goes missing” implies, no, outright states, that people are looking for Suri, but the article has nothing to do with a disappearance or escape to Florida. The actual story is about Cruise growing fed up by her mother dating again.

As this article said, Holmes and her daughter are spotted together almost weekly. The two were spotted in New York City just a few weeks ago, which is significant because the photos in the article of a traveling Suri are months older than this. Plus, Tom is currently in London filming the latest Mission Impossible film, so Suri would have no reason to go to Florida right now. Suri is not missing at all, and this story is bogus.

Woman’s Day recently claimed Holmes lived in fear because Scientologists were attempting to kidnap Suri. It also cooked up a supposed “stash” of “secret love letters” between Tom and Holmes which Suri stumbled upon. Lest we forget the report that Holmes was ordered to send Suri to her father for Christmas. None of these stories were mentioned in the most recent article, which feels rather significant. Obviously, none of these stories were true, either.

If Suri had spent Christmas with Tom, wouldn’t that be worth mentioning? The tabloid has no sense of its own continuity. Suri Cruise is not missing, and there’s no reason to believe she’s going to head on an airplane alone during a pandemic to go to an empty Floridian home.


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