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After Jürgen Klopp's derogatory remarks about Real Madrid, it was necessary for a former member of the house to intervene
The Philippines are entering diplomatic protest against China because more than 200 Chinese Maritime Militia (CMM) ships were reportedly berthed in the West Philippine Sea, the country's foreign minister said on Sunday
Six people were examined after the crash in Morayfield on Wednesday afternoon
A Melbourne man accused of attempting a terrorist attack is among three people arrested by police in a joint agency operation
On Wednesday, phones rang at clinics among those delivering the COVID-19 shot to vulnerable Australians
The Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and other agencies that are part of the joint
After a decade of unprecedented violence and a human tragedy that made the war in Syria the most significant conflict of the beginning of this century, the fighting has worsened but the wounds remain wide open and the distant peace
In ten years of war in Syria, Abdel Razzak Khatoun has lost thirteen of his children and his second wife At 83, the patriarch finds himself with eleven grandchildren to raiseDespite the misery and the
Unidentified armed men confiscate more than 300 school girls in a night raid on a school in northwestern Nigeria This is the second such abduction in just over a week in the region
Ordinarily, media savvy Scott Morrison was unable to grapple with the aftermath of an alleged attack in a minister's office

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