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After Jürgen Klopp's derogatory remarks about Real Madrid, it was necessary for a former member of the house to intervene
According to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, foreigners are now banned from owning land in most areas of Crimea. Kiev has called the move "legally null and void" and has promised to return land in the future
With no rest for someone who lives on Coronation Street, let's take a look at all the drama that was heading to the cobblestone this week
A FAMILY is forced to live in a mold-ridden apartment with leaky ceilings in the "worst conditions" experts have ever seen Residents say they "don't even feel human" when they are in the ...
CORONATION STREET's Tyrone Dobbs vows to stay away from Alina Pop after admitting to Fiz Stape they shared a kiss. Will the factory blackmail the mechanic into having an affair?
EMMERDALE fans quickly noticed a flaw in Chas Dingle's plan to get Marlon Dingle to buy Charity Dingle's stake in the Woolpack pub
CORONATION STREET's Alina Pop may be hiding a major vengeful secret from new friends Fiz Brown and Tyrone Dobbs when the mother decides to evict the mechanic after being left in the line of fire at work

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