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Mr Somare, who played an important role in the country's independence from Australia, was its longest-serving Prime Minister, serving three times
CLSN stock is crying out for the top after the company announced it received the Fast Track designation for GEN-1
(Alliance News) - SDI Group PLC's shares skyrocketed on Wednesday as they are expected to top
(Alliance News) - Sky News reported late Monday that Siris is a technology-driven private equity company

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The Prime Minister knows spelling isn't always easy - just watch him try to spell Hippo - but it can be great fun, especially in competitions like the Spelling Bee

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New pictures of Kristen Stewart as the late Princess Diana for the upcoming film "Spencer" have appeared and everyone thinks the "Twilight" actress looks strikingly similar to the British king Kristen Stewart will play the role of Diana in her upcoming movie "Spencer" The pictures were released this week as she was taking one of Diana's real-life looks out of here. Check out the first look here

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A look at the main stock traders on Friday on the London Stock Exchange