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BEIJING: China and the United States will set up a joint working group on climate change, China's official Xinhua News Agency said Chinese and US diplomats at their first meeting of the presidency of Joe Biden on Thursday and Friday at the start of Washington as "tough and direct "conversations in Alaska publicly reprimanded their policies
Biden-era US-China first encounter was more verbal jousting than discussion
Malaysia has ordered all North Korean diplomats to leave the country within 48 hours
It is no coincidence that the US administration's very first diplomatic trip this week was to East Asia This foreshadows the refocusing of Washington towards the Ext ...
The Biden government's strategy to contain Beijing faces a major challenge as China uses its economic, diplomatic and military might to deflect criticism
A tense diplomatic meeting ends with both sides digging and courting allies
US. and Chinese officials on Friday concluded what Washington called "tough and direct" talks in Alaska, highlighting the depth of tension between the world's two largest economies at the start of the Biden administration
US. Officials said the two days of discussion would continue but accused the Chinese delegation of violating the format for meetings attempting to find common ground between the superpowers

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