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Stratagem Market Insights announced the addition of a new Market Intelligence report, entitled Glo

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News – US – “Huge Profit” Oracle Makes $ 1.2 Billion Bet on Nashville...

Nashville Mayor John Cooper said Oracle is proposing a dollar 2 gold investments in Nashville and a record 8500 high-paying jobs to Nashville Oracle is a computer technology company based in Austin, Texas. In a tweet on Wednesday, Cooper said, "Oracle is poised to make a billion dollar bet on Nashville," Cooper said Oracle will pay upfront for all the city's infrastructure costs, &rsquo, and it "no new debt" will be issued or taxpayers will be burdened

News – USA – Tristar Transport withdraws IPO due to poor response

The Board of Directors and existing shareholders believe that higher returns can be achieved by executing Tristar's current growth strategy

News – US – The painful tech sell-off has opened up an opportunity to...

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