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LOS ANGELES USA The research study presented here is a brilliant compilation of different ways of analyzing critical aspects of the global continuously variable tractor market It provides information on what the global market for continuously variable tractors is like
The Tropiques criminels series, the entertainment Les Touristes, the TV movie Unveiled and the documentary Charles Trenet the enchanting… Here is the Télé 7 jours selection of Friday February 19, 2021 concocted by the editorial staff

This Friday February 19, 2021 at 9:05 p.m., TF1 will broadcast Les Touristes: Hotel school mission Arthur's entertainment received a disappointing return for a stunt immersion in January 2021
44 (15) Video announcements "Les Touristes: mission école hôtelière" - This is a new issue of the show
Booder is one of six celebrities to take part in the sixth episode of Tourists on TF1 this Friday February 19th
Booder is one of the six personalities who participate, this Friday, February 19 on TF1, in the sixth episode of Tourists
In his media show, Philippe Vandel and his band receive a guest every day Today Chris Marques and Linda Hardy
FIGARO LIVE - The choreographer hosts "Stars à nu", alongside Alessandra Sublet, Friday, February 12, on Channel 1 Guest of "Buzz TV", he returns to the set of the show, where six famous women stripped for a good cause
Alongside Maëva Coucke, Lola Dubini, Anaïs Grangerac, Linda Hardy and Nathalie Marquay, the pro dancer stepped out of her comfort zone to raise awareness of breast and uterine cancer
The second season of Stars in the nude ends this Friday, February 12 on TF1 After the men, it is the women who will undress on the Lido stage to send a strong message An advent

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Fans of urban legends know the Elisa Lam case by heart, but it took the American streaming platform to seize it with the big clogs we know it so that this dark unsolved case resurfaces, and with it everything the collective unconscious that surrounds California and its criminality Genealogy of Evil In January 2013, a Chinese Canadian student, Elisa Lam, decides to take a trip to California to crown her entry into adulthood and deal with her inhibitions At 21, the young girl is indeed rather withdrawn and her social life as a lover seems to be at a standstill. In a Tumblr page, she writes down daily her moods and her hopes: those of a rather gifted, sensitive mind, enamored of literature and romanticism A young girl like many others except that she is subjected to quite heavy medication for bipolar disorder seen throughout her adolescence Penniless but eager to immerse herself in the Lala Land of her fantasies - she opts for a hotel in the heart of the city, the Stay On Main, which offers shared rooms for unbeatable prices, all a stone's throw away. barely from the nerve center of the megalopolis She does not yet know that behind the Stay On Main this hides the Cecil Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in LA, located in Skid Row, one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in the United States, home to more than 2,000 homeless people A rather gifted, sensitive mind, enamored of literature and romanticism A young girl like many others except that she is subjected to a rather heavy medication for bipolar disorder The hotel, which was rather luxurious when it opened in the 1920s, now houses everything that the neighborhood counts. of marginalized people, drug addicts and pimps Hoping to capture a new audience that the management of Cecil decided to isolate four floors and reserve them for a more chic clientele: students, tourists and small merchants from the middle class. Elisa Lam does not seem disappointed, however: arriving in the City of Angels, she scrupulously applies her program She attends a recording of a television show in Burbank, she visits the studios, she goes to a famous neighborhood bookstore where she finds rare editions of her favorite books, she wanders in the sunny streets and indulges in her dream Californian A running water problem In her daily posts, if she says she regularly falls prey to weird guys who come to meet her, but she does not particularly mention the noxious atmosphere that reigns in Skid Row A model child, she wrote to her parents every day to tell them about her adventure. However, in her roommate, her behavior begins to bother the other girls: she refuses to open the door some evenings, she leaves derogatory words on the pillows and seems subject to some kind of delirious puffs. The management then decides to place it on the 4th floor, in a single room This is the top floor of the Stay On Main: just above it, begins the Cecil Hotel and its rooms filled with whispers January 31 was to be the date of her departure: on this day, she gives no sign of life to her parents, who try to reach her and are worried Faced with the stubborn silence of their daughter, they warn the authorities Los Angeles police send handful of investigators: no sign of the Canadian in her room Read also: Social zeros: Gabriel Attal All her things are still there, as if she were to come back in the second But she doesn't come back and the days go by Sinophile teams detect his smell near the back stairs, but the trail ends there Stupefaction The investigation stalled for two weeks At the same time, several hotel guests complain to the management: the pressure is very low in the taps and the water which flows out is brackish, smelly, almost black According to some accounts, "the water smells of sweat" Management sends an employee to check the water pressure in the cisterns that supply the hotel and which are located on the roof of the building The employee opens the hatch of the main tank and finds the body of Elisa Lam floating there, naked and half-decomposed Fade to black Mysteries in series Nothing goes in this case: how the young woman could she hoist herself on the roof? Indeed, to access the roof, only two means: a service staircase which crosses a cornice, without any guardrail, and a door reserved for staff, connected to an alarm system Unlikely to have taken the ledge, suspended several tens of meters above the void But if she went through the door, why didn't the alarm system go off? And if she was murdered, how did the murderer (s) manage to transport her body to the tank, perched four meters above the ground, without causing any bruising on her body? Twenty investigators are now working on the case, but all are breaking their teeth over the inconsistencies of his death Especially since forensic scientists are struggling to establish the causes of his death